For Sale: 4x9 Mark Hamill Autograph (Has some minor defects)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RYAN-J, May 23, 2009.

  1. RYAN-J


    I recently picked up two Authentic Mark Hamill autographs from my friend Lonnie and don’t really have a need for two right now, so I’ve decided to sell one. ;) It’s signed in blue ball-point pen & the size is 4x9. There are some minor defects with the photo though and I won’t lie about those. It appears that the photo was placed between some pages, which had typed wording on them, and part of it has rubbed off onto the front and the back. :( The back is the worst but not even noticeable once framed. If you’re a photo expert you might be able to gently clean off the front with some type of solution. ;) There’s also a very tiny indent of a small circle on the left side, which you can’t even see when viewed sideways or head on. The asking price is $30.00, which includes shipping and will be packaged with the best of care. Scans are below. Payment can be made by PayPal.

    Front & Back:

    Thanks for looking! Any questions? just ask! :D


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