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    We will be updating the site tonight and tomorrow with new items (see below for the list). We are taking PRE-ORDERS ON NEW master replica's items coming soon. We have a limited number of the star wars celebration II souvenir program collector's book. This is going to be a busy year, we will email as soon as we get more ITEMS AND INFO. We hope you have a great day and WEEKEND.

    We will also be attending Wizards World 2005 Chicago, and Chicago land Entertainment Expo, check our website for all the details.

    ROTS Mustafar Playset

    ROTS Battle Arena's
    Obi VS. Body Guard
    Mace VS. Sidious
    Anakin VS. Dooku

    ROTS Deluxe
    Vulture Droid
    Darth Vader with Table

    Jim Nieciecki

    May The Force Be With You!

    1566 West Algonquin Road #110
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60195 USA

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