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    I went to Fanboy Expo last weekend. Star Wars guests they had were David Barclay, Mark Dodson, Tim Rose, Anna Graves, Corey Dee Williams and Stephen Constantino. I met David, Mark, Tim and Anna along with a few of the non Star Wars guests. They were all very nice, signed my items and chatted with me for a bit. I talked with Mark Dodson for close to half an hour! I had a great time at this convention and am looking forward to the next one! Scans will be uploaded to my site in my signature soon, they'll be under the list "Fanboy Expo".
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    Very cool! I have not met/don't have sigs from a few of those people. The smaller-name actors are usually great to meet and fun to have conversations with.
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    Have you met Mark Dodson? He's an awesome guy! Really enjoyed talking to him. Dave Barclay also had some interesting stories about how they build puppets. Also said he probably won't do another convention for at least a year and a half as he's real busy with work. This was the second time I met Tim Rose and we talked a bit about The Walking Dead, lol. Anna Graves was also really nice and told me a bit about working on the show. Said she'd love to do a Celebration.

    Scans are finally up now if you want to see them. Took me a while cause I had to take pics of the posters. Here's a list of everyone I met:

    Dave Barclay
    Tim Rose
    Mark Dodson
    Anna Graves
    Eric Walker
    Larry Mainland
    Sonya Thompson
    Rodney M. Hall
    Michael Koske
    Jeremy Ambler
    Dirk Benedict
    Lana Wood
    Maud Adams
    George Lazenby
    Richard Kiel
    Kelly Hu
    Derek Mears
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    Very cool. No...I haven't met Mark Dodson. Looks like I got his through the mail.

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