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    I found this in the frequently asked question section of www.starwarscelebration.com. Amazing to think these questions were asked so frequently. It was a crying shame to think you needed to waste half a day in line just to find out they closed the store early before you can get in. They also made it "impossible" to get an email address to complain. The figure originally sold for $15 US. Somebody can check ebay and tell me what they're going for cause I won't waste another second for them. Was there the same problem at C2?

    ****I did have a good time and enjoyed the event otherwise. I'll keep many fond memories and unfortunately this one.

    Q: Can I get an action figure or be guaranteed entrance to the store or other events?

    We cannot guarantee you get into all places of the show or get an exclusive action figure. Line up as early as possible to get into the events. Keep in mind the store and all premier events reach capacity and no more people will be allowed in. The only way to get in is to be early.

    Q: Am I guaranteed to get in an hour before non-Fan Club members if I am a Fan Club Member?

    No, the doors to the Fan Club line open an hour earlier than the others but it isn't logistically possible to process all the Fan Club members in that hour. After that hour is up, Fan Club members and non-Fan Club members can get into the main doors. If you want to get in during that hour, make sure you line up early.

    Q: I came in and found out the store and/or other event was at capacity, can I get a refund?

    No, there are many things to do and see at the convention. In order to get into premier events and locations you need to get in line early. Please see a program guide for a list of events onsite.
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    my biggest problem with the store while i was in there for 3.5 hours was that they did not have many registers, were not using all of the registers that they had and very few of the people working there seemed to be in any kind of hurry to get people through the store.
    i spoke to very few people who spent less than 5 hours at the store and many of those spent 7+.

    IF i were allow to make a suggestion to gencon and whoever else was directly involved with this operation, i would suggest allowing people to preorder the figure as well as buy it at the show. at the show, have 3 seperate areas .... a pre-order pick-up area, an excluisve figure area and then the regular store.

    since it appears to be the same situation as C2, then i doubt that we will see any changes at future events, if they happen.

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    Brilliant idea
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    The only thing that I really wanted to take back form the weekend was the exclusive C3 Vader. After waiting in the rain and getting in the building at 10:15 (doors opened at 9:00) only to find that the store had been closed was slightly depressing.

    So the idiot that I am... I woke up at 5:00am the next day to wait in line early. But wait... they moved the line... and decided to tell us after we had been standing in line to get into the building. Granted, it was good that they moved the line, I think it went much better on Saturday (except that much of the line was outside) I heard rumor that the store was actually closed on Friday by the Fire Warden? Either that or the line was capped because it disrupted the halls too much (again why they rerouted Saturday)

    Ok- so after 5 1/2 hours I walked out with my Vader (bent of course :( ) The whole time watching the process and thinking what a total mess.

    OK- I'm a manufacturing Engineer, one thing that my company has been digging into the past few years is LEAN Manufacturing. Here are some things I observed. Figured no one else would care... might as well tell all of you.

    Probably the best way to speed thing up is to let a company run the store. They will want to make money, as much as possible. They do not make money when the store is closed or when only 1/2 of the participants can get merchandise. They would also have a trained staff that knows how to run the machines and would not chit chat with everyone that steps up.

    Have a staging area for small quantities of merchandise right behind the registers and a runner or 2 to restock the table when it runs low rather thatn running back for 1 T Shirt, 1 Sport Bottle, 2 Posters etc... The cashier would grab what the customer wanted and the runners would just keep the table full.

    The cash only and figure only registers were good.

    Allowing preorder with a time to pick up to spread out the crowd.

    Handing out a show bag each day that includes the Exclusive Figure so that everyone gets 1. This may slow down the line to get in, but I think overall everyone would not complain.

    Ok, so there's my venting out of the way. It did make me change my mind though about some of the figures I've been holding out on. I think the $60 ebay price for convention figures is a steal when compared to Flight or mileage, hotel, convention tickets and hours upon hours of waiting in lines. All this and I understand that this was the best 'organized' Star Wars Celebration yet ?!?!
  5. Darth Aussie

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    "Handing out a show bag each day that includes the Exclusive Figure so that everyone gets 1. This may slow down the line to get in, but I think overall everyone would not complain."

    great idea JF, would have made it a lot easier......
  6. mynock11

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    some awsome ideas i wish some one from gen-con could read this hey maybe i will forward this link to the girl i talked toi when i had issues with my badges...she hooked me up then!!! maybe she will lend a kind ear to some SW fans..
  7. Darth Boru

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    Maybe someone can find a way that we can ALL express our dis-satisfaction with GenCon. They couldn't organise the proverbial p$%s up in a brewery!!!
  8. Darth Aussie

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    Only if they were drinking themselves perhaps :fume: .......

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