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    R2Dtoys in London, England has Eopies for only 20 lbs ($30 US, $48 CAN) plus $7 US shipping or you can buy a case which includes 2 Eopies, 2 Opees, 1 jabba w/announcer and 1 Kaadu for 40 lbs ($60 US, $96 CAN) plus 9 lbs ($13.50 US, $21.60 CAN). A pretty could deal considering these have been fetching over $100 in the US. Here is the store's phone number to order;


    They are working on building a website right now but are only able to take phone order at the moment or by emailing them.
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    Hey DC: If you receive any info on R2Dtoys website please give me a holler. Thanks! DS
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    They also have an ebay store. I spent a little extra, but I think $39.99 and a guarantee I wasn't on a waiting list was good enough for me. Go to ebay and look for them. They also had the Masters of the Dark Side for $22, Sio Bibble for $18, and a lot of other goodies that fetch higher prices than those on ebay. When I receive my Eopie, I'll post on here to let everyone know how their service is. I've never heard anything about them before, so I'm sure everyone could benefit by some feedback on them.

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    Merci! :usa:
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    Eopie is here!

    Well, as promised, my Eopie has arrived, and I'm giving everyone some feedback on the service of the site. I got it from a new (I think) site called R2Dtoys.com. Fantastic.

    The box is the UK tri-logo version, but it is dead mint. It took a while, but nothing that you can't expect coming from overseas. It was packed very well, and I got a surprise when I opened it. There was a bonus Battle Droid from the playset with Qui-Gon included, and also one of those product catalogues that shows the Episode I line. Anyone who remembers these from the vintage line will have an idea of what these are. It is a full colour booklet about 3" by 5", and it simply advertises everything available in the line at that point. I didn't even know these had ever been made. A cool freebie.

    After this transaction, I would give two thumbs up to this site. Check out their ebay store page, as they always have excellent rare items at very good prices. Yes, they're higher than retail, but you're not going to be able to purchase too many Eopies for under $40.


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