Emperor Essentials from Master Replicas

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    Like an extension of his twisted black soul, the Emperor's cane gives form to the disfiguring malevolent forces that empower him. An object of deception, he hides within the guise of weakness to conceal the depth of his descent into darkness.
    Forged in the same crude style as the cane, the clasp that binds his cloak resembles the black pitch that swells within the cavity of his soul. Stylistically, it connects with the cane to conjure the image of a downward flow of darkness emanating from the center of his being.
    This sinister ensemble has been faithfully reproduced by the artisans at Master Replicas, molded directly off the original props used in Return of the Jedi. Cast in black resin, the pair comes highly polished to a glassine finish, appearing as cold to the touch as the Emperor himself.
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