"Elegant Amidala" print at StarWarsShop.com

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    Prolific Star Wars illustrator Tsuneo Sanda captures the grace and beauty of our two favorite Star Wars heroines in a pair of stunning new giclée on paper prints licensed through Acme Archives.

    Padmé Amidala, the first to be made available at StarWarsShop as an exclusive, appears as she did in one of the more memorable costumes from Episode I, a stunning portrait which nicely captures the the queen's Geisha-like aura in that film. "Elegant Amidala" is limited to just 150 pieces and is signed by artist Tsuneo Sanda. Again, this is a StarWarsShop exclusive!

    Coming soon to StarWarsShop will be Sanda's companion piece to the Naboo queen, "Lovely Leia". Stylistically faithful to the look of the Amidala piece, Sanda's depiction of our favorite princess appears soft and ethereal, a side of the Rebel leader we rarely see. Also signed by the artist and limited to 150 pieces, this giclée on paper print will be made available at StarWarsShop in the coming weeks.​


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