'Down Under': FREE Lego mini TIE Fighter

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Buzz Bumble, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. Buzz Bumble

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    I'm in New Zealand, but Australians might want to check this out too.

    Yesterday I picked up the latest copy of the UK Star Wars magazine that the local PaperPlus shop puts aside for me each time. On the front of this issue was a free Lego mini TIE Fighter - despite the small print on the cover saying "Free gift available in UK only". :D

    According to the PaperPlus price sticker, they received this issue about three weeks ago (27 January, I only go in once a month to collect what ever magazines have come in), and it may be difficult to find since I've don't often see it on many shelves, but it might be worth checking your local magazine shops or asking one to order you a copy. :)

    Magazine: Star Wars
    Issue: No. 41 - Nov / Dec 2002 (Anakin and Padme on the cover)
    Publisher: Titan Publishing Group
    Cost: NZ$16.95 (UKĀ£3.50)

    I'm not sure who distributes it here in New Zealand, but there's only a few distribution companies and the shop should be able to track it down.

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