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Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Buzz Bumble, Jan 29, 2011.

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    I've been going through the book The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia. It's another good book, although typically Dorling Kindersley (great images, light on detailed information), but it's missing a few characters mentioned in other entries ... the most glaring omission is Boba Fett!

    • Boba Fett – mentioned in the entries for Aurra Sing, Bossk, and Castas
    • Cutup - mentioned in the entry for Echo
    • IG-86 Assasin Droids - mentioned in the entry for Gha Nachkt (there is an entry for the IG-86 Sentinel Droid which is obviously the same droid)
    • Mee Deechi - mentioned in the entry for Halle Burtoni
    • C-O69 - mentioned in the entry for Halle Burtoni
    • Wee Dunn - mentioned in the entry for Mahtee Dunn (Wee is her Rhodian baby, so there's probably not much information to give)
    • Slammer - mentioned in the entry for Swoop
    • Tub - mentioned in the entry for Wag Too
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    I haven't had a chance to see this book in person yet, but I've heard good things. I'm looking forward to adding it to my library one day.
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    Some of the book webstores like Amazon often have a "look inside" feature that lets you see some of the pages, so you'd be able to see how limited the information is ... there's only one page per character and most of it is taken up by their picture. It's really just a brief overview of each character. DK books tend to be a bit like Lego - good fun, but over-priced (and when looking at books from other topics, they have a tendency to re-release the exact same information in different formats).

    Here's a few of the pages via a quick Google image search:
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    (Wow, I guess it has been awhile since I was on Bothan spy. It looks completley different.) Anyway, I just had to rant here. No offence to all you Clone Wars fans, but As soon as I heard that this show was coming out, I knew it meant one thing for me: Fewer and harder to find Star Wars movie toys. And, sure enough, every time I go to the store the Star Wars section is clogged with blue Clone Wars cards. I wish Lucasfilm, or whoever would have given rights to the animated property to another toy company so Hasbro could concentrate on "real" Star Wars stuff. Not that it matters, but no, I don't like the show and as an animation student I think the style of design is ugly and the actual animation (other than the ships) is poor. I loved the original Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars miniseries, but even then, I was only interested in the "realistic" versions of figures from it. The one good thing to me is that the ships still look cool with the movie stuff. Other than that I feel it is a dark day for guys like me that would just like to be able to find some darn Star Wars movie figures.
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    There are stilll lots of "real" Star Wars figures being made (the "retro-carded" ones are the latest range), but whether your local store gets them is another question.

    Personally I was dreading the first Clone Wars animated show because they kept saying it was like / done by the Samurai Jack team, and for me that show was hopelessly boring and looked like complete rubbish (like most of today's animated shows). Thankfully it turned out very different and a lot better.

    This second animated show is great too. The animation style is purposely more silted and "wooden" ... it's supposed to be like the UK TV puppet show "Thunderbirds" by Gerry Anderson (or the more recent parody Team America movie). Again, it's MUCH MUCH MUCH better than most of the animated rubbish shovelled at kids today.

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