Djas Puhr And Palpatine. Review And Detailed Pics

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    Appearing briefly in the cantina scene in A New Hope, Djas Puhr was one of those character's in the film that if you turn your head you would had missed him. But this brand new sculpt of the character surely won't be missed as it is truly a nice figure, another great offering by Hasbro.

    The fact the colors on the character are somehow bland has been no problem for Hasbro's designers to add some detail to the alien bounty hunter and bring out the color. The small motif on his holsters, the white around his pupils and even the red blast effects for his pair of blasters are all well executed add-ons which make the figure come alive.

    Djas Puhr's head design is another good example of sculpting done right. Its proportion has been well established and its likeness is dead on. Grab the figure in your hand and go to page 234 of Sansweet's Star Wars Encyclopedia where a close up of the character appearing in the film can be found, compare the picture to the figure's head sculpt; you'll certainly be amazed at how precise the sculpting is.

    Although non removable, Djas Puhr's holsters have been molded onto his belt instead of his legs and allow for placement of the guns in them. This a nice sculpting touch which makes them look more realistic.

    The figure is not offered with any "special action features" which indeed is a good thing, since I'm a firm believer such levers and gadgets sticking out from a figures body are unnecessary and detract from the over all product; just give me some simple articulation points which is in fact what Djas Puhr has, presenting articulation at the neck, shoulders, wrists, waistline and legs.

    The only visible downside of this new character are his blaster guns which are very thin and flimsy and bend easy but surprisingly enough, they will not bend under the weight of the blast effects

    Djas Puhr is definitely a figure gear towards collectors rather. His appearance of just seconds in the film makes him unknown and unwanted by children. But for those of us with an inclination for obscure characters, surely he will be a nice addition to our collection for years to come.


    The first impression you get from this figure is as if not much was really going on with the sculpt. In fact, the lack of any sort of accessory truly make you feel that way. But once you get a closer look at it, you will definitely realize that there's more to this figure than meet the eye.

    From the receding hair line, down to the reddish spots covering his face, which by the way has that "virtuosity" look on it as well, Palpatine's head sculpt is realistically precise and offers an incredible resemblance to the film's character

    The work done on his robes has been authentically recreated, presenting an elaborate design and a multiplex of patterns

    The Supreme Chancellor is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists. An up-to-the-knees pair of legs under his robes can be rotated 180 degrees but this is useless since they are attached to his solid plastic body with no articulation at the waistline, therefore his pose won't change. The articulated elbows and wrists allow for Palpy's hands to come together and the fingers can interlock. This is indeed a very particular feature which works great and illustrates a familiar pose of the character.

    All for all the likeness and seigniorial look of this latest rendition of old Palpy is one of the best offered by Hasbro yet on this mysterious character

    Now take a look at the detailed pictures tha follow and...enjoy!

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