DejavooJedi Marvel Legends Coll for sale + Chases

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DejavooJedi, Jul 17, 2005.

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    DejavooJedi Marvel Legends Coll for sale + Chases (Lower prices!)

    I am selling my Marvel Legends figures I have. I will do trading for any MOC Unleashed figures listed in My Wanted List. All are sealed.

    Cable-Brown $20
    Wolverine Unmasked-Series VI $20
    Black Widow-Red Hair $20- Error: Missing S VS. S Trading Card (only one like it)
    Deadpool $15 (Pending)
    Juggernaut $12
    Apocalypse $15
    Iron Man Modern Armor $8
    Hulk-Torn Shirt $8
    Ghost rider Series VIII $10
    Vision Series VIII (2 available) $10ea
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    Just dropped the prices on most of the Marvel Legends.
  3. DejavooJedi

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    All Marvel Legends figures have been sold off.

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