Dallas scifi-expo (August)

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    Dallas Comicon
    August 24-25


    Special Star Wars guests:
    Rena Owen- Taun We- (Attack of the Clones)
    Amy Allen- Aayla Secura- (Attack of the Clones)

    "Join us next month as we celebrate classic tv actors that brought smiles to our faces countless afternoons and nights while we watched our favorite television programs. Before Seinfeld, before Survivor, before Star Wars, we were entertained with daily doses of Lost in Space, Leave it to Beaver, Family Affair, Lassie and countles other favorites.

    Now is your chance to meet some of the famous faces in these programs! Stay tuned here as we un-role the entire guest list for Retro Expo! But for now, check out our confirmed list and then click on their names to see more of their acting credits!"

    Guest List as of 7/5/02:


    Angela Cartwright - Penny Robinson (Lost in Space)
    Veronica Cartwright - J Lambert (Alien)
    Gerard Christopher - Superboy (Superboy)
    Kathy Garver - Cissy (Family Affair)
    Richard Herd - Admiral Paris (Star Trek)
    June Lockhart - Dr Maureen Robinson (Lost in Space)
    Ken Osmond - Eddie Haskell (Leave it to Beaver)
    Jon Provost - Timmy (Lassie)

    More pending confirmation, stay tuned for details here!
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    "Carrie Fisher Update: I got an email from Carrie and she is having trouble getting loose for our August Saturday date. She would be able to attend Sunday but we both felt that it wouldn’t be fair to our customers, as she would only be able to meet half the fans. Thus, we both decided that our next show on October 12-13 would be better.

    We must remember that when dealing with bigger name guests, they often get gigs that can pull them away from public appearances. For actors, acting always comes first and we respect that. (Remember Adam West, Jeri Ryan? they had to cancel but we got them at the next show)

    Again, Carrie has been postponed to October 12-13. She and her agency apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any customers. We look forward to seeing everyone in August."

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