Daily Custom Updates 2002 Concludes With A New Contest!

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    News from the Custom Alliance...

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    The "Daily Custom Updates 2002" concludes with NEARLY 400 custom figures, vehicles, dioramas, beasts, droids, you name it!
    I've been posting a brand new custom by a different creator each and every day. First with customs created by myself, then a new member of The Custom Alliance. Well, I've gotten in SO MANY submissions this year, that I could keep doing it for the rest of the summer! Instead, I'm just posting EVERYTHING and let you guys have fun looking through the nearly 400 customs that make up today's update!
    In addition, I'm holding a new contest (while I take a break!) where visitors will need to correctly identify the name of each custom and the creator! Prizes to be announced soon, but people can get started now. More details can be found at http://www.thecustomalliance.com

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