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    News from D & S Sci-fi Toy World ....

    New Toys in stock:
    Clone Wars Animated Grevious Wave
    Jedi Force Luke's X-Wing
    Jedi Con 2-Pack
    Galactic Heroes Bounty Hunters
    Galactic Heroes Boba Fett & Dengar
    Galactic Heroes Stormtrooper 2-Pack

    HUGE Kenner Aliens/ Predator Update
    UFO S.H.A.D.O Interceptor with Saucer
    UFO Skydiver
    SW OTC Imperial Trooper
    G.I. Joe Ninja 5-Pack with DVD
    G.I. Joe Ninja 5-Pack with DVD - Damaged Pack
    New Energon Basics & Deluxe
    Electronic Ask Yoda
    Darth Vader Lightsaber with Bonus Pack
    Silver Sandtrooper
    Vintage Stormtrooper,Boba,Yoda, Lando Case
    Vintage Vader,Chewy,R2, C-3PO Case
    Mace, Dooku & Vader Unleashed
    Sandcrawler with RA-7 & Jawas
    Jedi Force Luke & Speeder Bike

    Xevoz - Thunder Shaman​

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