Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Stevetrooper, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Stevetrooper

    Stevetrooper Galactic Groundpounder

    How about a section for showcasing custom figures?
  2. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    If you have something you'd like to post on the topic of custom figures, go ahead and put it in the applicable collecting forum. For example: Hasbro/Kenner: 3 3/4 Inch Figures.

    It's possible that we might rearrange the forums in the next month or so (possibly adding new forums). If that were to happen, we'd move all topics/threads to the appropriate place.
  3. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Yeah....start posting your customs Stevetrooper.....I'd love to see them. :) Between some old customs topics, and whatever you post, we should have enought to start its own section down the road.
  4. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member


    Customizing and Dioramas = the forum that is the best place to post. It's a subforum under collecting. I overlooked it the other day.

    When we restructure (which again, won't be for a while), we will make active forums more prominent. Depending on whether the customs forum is active, we might decide to consolidate it with other forums -or- give it a better place to stand out.

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