Collectormania 16, Milton Keynes, UK

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  1. Just wondering if anyone is going to:

    They have just announced a Star Wars Tribute Reunion and the list of cast members attending is growing:

    Jerry Baker: Star Wars A New Hope Scanning Crew & Imperial Officer
    Peter Roy: Star Wars - X-Wing Engineer
    Salo Gardener: Star Wars ANH Trinto Duaba,Shaun of the dead
    Mark Kirby: Star Wars - Rebel Guard
    Pam Rose: Star Wars - Leesub Sirln "Weird Girl"
    Mike Randall: Star Wars ANH - Stormtrooper
    Ted Western: Star Wars A New Hope Merc Sunlet
    Mike Mungarvan: Star Wars A New Hope Stormtrooper Blakes 7,Doctor Who,
    Noel Hawkins: Star Wars A New Hope Stormtrooper
    David Church: Star Wars Stormtrooper & Rebel Commando "Lieutenant Page"
    Derek Chafer: Star Wars Stormtrooper and Dr Who Cyberman
    Frank Henson: Star Wars and so many James Bond films and much more
    David Field: Star Wars A New Hope Stormtrooper ROTJ Imperial Trooper
    Larry Sheppherd: Star Wars A New Hope Stormtrooper & ROTJ Y-Wing Pilot
    Barry Summerford: Star Wars & ESB , Blakes 7 , Dr Who
    Keith Swaden: Star Wars Stormtrooper & ESB Snowtrooper
    Tommy Weldin: Star Wars ANH Gela Yeens Bounty Hunter & Stormtrooper
    Syd Wragg: Star Wars A New Hope Stomtrooper
    Laurie Goode: Star Wars Saurin ,Doctor Who,For Your Eyes Only , & more
    Paul Bannon: Star Wars Stormtrooper , and three James bond films
    Al Lampert: Star Wars Daine Jir
    Jack Klaff: Star Wars Red Four
    Chris Muncke: Star Wars Imperial Officer

    I'll be going as its a 2 hour drive from where I live.

    God, its gonna be expensive!!!! :)
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    It will indeed! I am thinking about it, not so easy to get for me, but that many at once is tempting; depends what days they go.

    I'm doing Memorabilia at the Birmingham NEC later this month, they have

  3. Just got back from 2 days at Collectormania, UK. Very successful weekend, with my signed action figure collection being added to with the following:

    Jerry Baker – Imperial Scanning Crew

    Larry Shepperd – Stormtrooper

    Mike Randall – Stormtrooper

    Pam Rose - Leesub Sirln

    Salo Gardener – Trinto Duaba

    Al Lampert – Imperial Officer Daine Jir

    David Church - Stormtrooper

    Frank Henson - Stormtrooper

    John Forgham – Imperial Gunner

    Laurie Goode – Saurin

    Mike Mungarven – Stormtrooper

    Noel Hawkins – Stormtrooper
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    Awesome successes. I've never heard of many of those people signing before....obviously they don't make it over here to the States. :( Maybe I'll luck out and a few will get invited to C5 (and accept the invitation).
  5. It was superb to have these people all in one place and whilst not the big names that some people would like to get signatures from, these were all brilliant to meet and all were very happy to chat about their experiences on set etc. For example It was the second time I had met Frank Henson and he carries with him a photo album full of his memories which he shares with everyone! Brilliant couple of days.

    I know what you mean about the UK to US problem, it's frustrating for us here in the UK trying to get signatures of US based actors/actresses.

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