Collectible of the Day 278 - Dixie Cup ESB Story Card boxes

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    Dixie Cups produced four different series of Star Wars cups for each of the three original movies. These cups featured scenes and characters from the movies. For The Empire Strikes Back, however, they also had a number of promotions available on non-Star Wars cup boxes. This included paper Story Cards included inside the box, which could be placed on a special Story Card poster. There were also mail-away offers for placemats, shirts, and hats.


    The story cards were printed on thin paper stock in strips of four cards that had to be cut apart. There were a total of 24 cards in the series, although the strips of four were not necessarily cut the same every time. In theory, you only need six strips to have the set of story cards, but there are at least 14 different strip/story card combinations.


    The story cards were offered in at least three different designer cups series, sometimes available in different box sizes. Cups included the 3oz Floral collection, the 5oz Fresh Herbs collection, and the 9oz Beverage collection. The box highlighted today is the 80 count box of Beverage cups. It came with 8 different cups featuring a variety of fruit juice, tea, and punch flavors, along with colorful fruit artwork.
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