Collectible of the Day 270 - Star Wars Hot Buttons

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    Hallmark has offered a variety of Star Wars collectibles this past year, including mugs, glasses, bottle openers, picture frames, light-up signs, and these electronic hot buttons. The concept is simple, you push the button, and it lights up and makes a noise or says a catch phrase. Hallmark has offered four different Hot Buttons so far, including:

    Darth Vader - I find your lack of faith disturbing!
    Yoda - Hear you nothing that I say?
    Star Wars laughs - Laugh it up fuzzball!
    Imperial blasters - You may fire when ready!

    The hot buttons play on a repeating loop, and function not unlike Hasbro blasters. Press the button and it plays a clip. Press it again and it plays the next clip. If you press it repeatedly, it will continue to play the same clip again until you allow it to complete the sound fully.

    These retail for around $15, but if you may be able to find them cheap. Many Hallmark stores have been having after-Christmas sales on their Star Wars items for 50% off.

    You can hear all the blaster sounds here:

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