Collectible of the Day 247 - Yoda Backpack by Pyramid

Discussion in 'Espionage Report' started by darthskellington, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Here is one of my most used, and often overlooked, items in my collection. It is a canvas Yoda backpack by Pyramid. I bought it on clearance at Target sometime around 2002. Not only is it quite durable, with all canvas straps and carry handle, but it can hold quite a bit in its three zippered compartments and two velcro pockets. I've taken this backpack with me to every convention I've ever gone to since Celebration III. It also makes a great carry-on bag when flying, and easily holds my laptop.

    Pyramid made a number of backpacks both in the 1990s for the Special Editions, and in the 2000s around the time of Attack of the Clones. There is a matching backpack in blue that features AOTC Anakin Skywalker.

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