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  1. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    A pdf of the Official CIII Store Catalog is online now at at whopping 1.5mb.

    Or, for those who prefer an easy read, just scroll on down :D

    Celebration III Store Catalog


    Vader Action Figure $15
    C3 Star Case for figure $3
    Foam Topper set of 3 $30 (Royal Guard, Grievous, Clone Trooper) (in display case, apparently, with empty slot for Vader)
    C3 Badge Set with Wooden Box $75 + s&h (mailed after show, limit 2)
    Lenticular Water Bottle $10
    Folding Chair $30
    Disposable SW Camera $13
    C3 Bottle Opener $7
    Framed Set of Pins $80 (images of all 16 passes)
    Messenger Bag $35
    C3 Lanyard $5
    C3 Keychain $6
    Magnets $5 (Vader, Clone, Grievous, or Royal Guard)
    Darth Vader Poster $14
    Epic Poster $14 (appears to be artwork jam of major ROTS characters-artist unknown at present)

    Clothing and Apparel

    Fabric C3 Patch $5
    Stadium Blanket $55
    Yoda Zip Front Hooded Sweatshirt $30-34 (green)
    Vader Hooded Sweatshirt $27-33 (black)
    C3 Baseball Hat $16 (red or black shown)
    Vader 3-Color hat $18
    Knit Cap $16 (gray)
    Infant Cap $7 (red)
    Vader Infant Onesie $13
    Kids’ Toon Tee $13-15
    C3 Tee $18-20
    Women’s Leia Tee $20
    C3 Sweatshirt $30-33
    Women’s Tank Top $15
    Obi-Wan vs Vader Tee $20-22
    Vader Tee $18-20

    Not Pictured

    Toon Tee $18-20
    Fiber Optic Vader Baseball Hat $18
    Commemorative C3 Pin $5
    Rubber C3 Patch $5
    Program Book $5
    C3 Coasters, set of four $16
    Back Pack $35
    Leather Check Book $30
    Vinyl Check Book $7
    Yoda & Vader Bobble Pens $5
    Yoda $ Vader Bobble Heads $12
    Yoda & Vader Banks $10
    Yoda & Vader Antique Gumball Machines $20
    Yoda Plush Doll $50
  2. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Overall, we're defiantely talking souvenir material here.

    Must haves for me will include the C3 Fabric Patch and the Epic Poster. I'm curious as to what the Rubber Patch, Coasters, and Plush Yoda will look like. I'm almost hoping they look bad, so I won't feel the need to buy them ;)

    Foam Topper set looks nice, but at $30? I won't have my Vader until after the event. For those who have one, what is your opinion of it re: quality, size, appearance?

    I would consider the badge set a must-have, but at over $75, I'm starting to doubt I'll get one.

    I'm not a fan of stadium blankets..they're cheap and look like it....but this one is kinda neat.
  3. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    The Vader foam topper looks pretty good. It's about an inch tall (and basically an inch wide. The picture they have in the PDF is almost actual size.

    It's nice, but I wouldn't pay $30 for a set of them.
  4. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member

    The Yoda sweatshirt looks nice! I hope there is one left by the time I get there. ;D
  5. Nightwing

    Nightwing New Recruit

    I want the figure and epic poster

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