Celebration II Lanyards Not Sold Out After All

Discussion in 'Espionage Report' started by Barada, Mar 26, 2002.

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    It seems like the story that first broke on www.theforce.net the other day about lanyards being sold out and posted here by myself was incorrect. Here is the official response from the fan club:.........................

    Wanted to respond to the fan club lanyard notice that was on theforce.net. We checked into it, and Wizards customer service people triple-checked their supply of fan club lanyard. There are thousands left, and everyone in ecommerce is aware that they are not out of stock.
    What Kristie (customer service manager) said the most common cause of people not receiving a fan club lanyard is that they do not sign in as a fan club member.

    If the customer who posted on theforce.net was told by a Wizards' customer service rep that they had to pick up their lanyard at Celebration, they were told that in error. That person should call the customer service number again and ask that their lanyard be sent.
    Sorry if I added to any confusion..........

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