Celebration 2. The Toys

Discussion in 'Shows & Conventions' started by Ishi Tib, May 7, 2002.

  1. Kooka Lives

    Kooka Lives New Recruit

    Being in package

    Seeing the world from an action figure's POV.
    I'm surprised you didn't have a picture of yourselves in pacakge.

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  2. Kooka Lives

    Kooka Lives New Recruit

    This was my favorite pic

    That's my three-year old son. He only came on Saturday. It was important to me to share all this iwth him.

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  3. Barada

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    Nice pics Kooka.

    Like Ishi mentioned above, his stay was very short, and therefore was unable to do many of the things that I'm sure he wanted to do. As for myself, while I wanted to participate in this 'figure' of myself, the lineup was way too long, and I was burned out from the other long lines. If they do this again at Celebration III, then it will be a high priority for myself. Hopefully, Baby Barada will be a part of it too, as was your own Baby Kooka.


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