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  1. darthskellington

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    Ford is an impossibility. Neeson rarely signs, and never SW. HE usually only signs for charity auctions and stuff. Ewan and Natalie are big names, and I don't think Natalie even signs SW stuff (in part due to forgeries). I've never heard of Ian McDiarmid appearing, or JE Jones or Sam Jackson. (Official Pix listed them as "people they work with" more as a PR thing. They have Sam Jacksons autograpsh for sale online for $110. Christopher Lee does do shows from time to time, and has done numerous private signings.

    Hamill and Fisher do appearances. In fact Fisher has made appearances at every show sincre C2 :p Hamill was backing off from SW, in part due to high demand and WAY to many fakes being sold. As a result, he does not sign 'Luke Skywalker" on anything anymore, or use certain pictures. However, after a 1-2 year hiatus, this past year he did at least 3 private SW signings I know of. So.....he's back in the game.

    However, back in the day (1999-2002) I received signatures through the mail from many people. James Earl Jones was almost a guaranteed signer. Ewan signed 3 pictures for me. Sam Jackson even signed my pic. Christopher Lee too.

    Lucas signs for charity, or if you are lucky enough to meet him somewhere.
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    How do you get them to sign through the mail and what does it cost? Do you print out a pic and send it out to them or do they have a special mail in pic place ?
  3. Jedi_Joel

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    You can send in basically whatever as long as it's reasonable. Basically send the item with either a SASE or enough postage for the return of the package which makes less hassle for them.
  4. darthskellington

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    I'll try and do a topic on it sometime, probably after C3.

    Basically, just write a polite letter, ASKING them if they could please sign something. Introduce yourself, talk about what about their work you like or interests you. If you don't send your own picture, at least include a blank index card to be signed. Never expect a celebrity to provide you with a photo....a lot of these SW people a re jsut doing their day jobs like us...they're not rich. Always include a self-adressed envelope, with enough stamps or International Reply Coupons to get it back to you. Envelope should be a folded 8X10, just in case they have an 8X10 to send you.

    Main trick is getting addresses. I need to get back into the game, but I believe wattographs has a SW address list online. The ultimate database is stararchive, which houses thousands of addresses along with the results people got from them. It charges a small memebrship fee to maintain costs, but is well worth it. After 9-11 (anthrax, etc) there was a drop off in mail signings. Also, a lot of SW people where getting overwhelmed and turning to private signings or shows instead. That was when I got out of it.

    Back then, for people who signed free of charge, a domestic request cost you less than $2 to cover postage and supplies. An international request would cost $3-4 dollars. I've gotten replies in less than a week. I've had some that took over 2 years. The fun is finding a surprise in your mailbox.

    www.wattographs.com should have a how-to page set up, plus some addresses.
    www.stararchive.com is the ultimate resource.
  5. AmShak

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    the big problem with doing this is that whoever you may be going after might have their assistant(s) signing this type of stuff. Seems like Fisher was the one who was very likely to return your item signed, it's just that it probably wouldn't be signed by her.
  6. mynock11

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    Sounds interesting at the least.. i like the finding a surprise in your mailbox thing fun.... i cant wait to see the piece you do on it skel... Will you add an address or two to get us started?
  7. Barada

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    Theforce.net used to have a SW actor address book. Not sure if they got rid of it.

    The authentic way one used to get autographs was through the SW Insider. However, I think it was for subscribers only. They used to have a list of actors willing to sign, and all you did was send them a SASE envelope and whatever else was needed to the Insider, and they would forward it for you. James Earl Jones in particular had a great rep for signing anything sent to him.

    However, after 9/11, SW Insider stopped the service. Too bad - I wonder if they'd start it up again.

  8. darthskellington

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    Wow. Now I HAVE to come up with a worthy article ;) I might post an address or two, but anything I get would probably be readily available elsewhere.

    Most people sign themselves, or not at all. Fisher was a good example though. For years you would get signed stuff back. Only it was signed by her secretary. (I've got photos and an index card...all secretarials) Okay...not a big deal. Unless you sent a poster signed by 20 other REAL actors, and it came sent back with a fake on it :( That was all before C2 when she started doing signings. Not sure about her now.
    And anyone trusting enough to send a poster like that through the mail is a real gambler.

    Insider was nice, but almost everyone on their list either already signed through other addresses (faster), or didn't sign at all. I think I sent one letter via Insider, and it got returned for some reason. Don't recall why now.
  9. mynock11

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    sounds like alotta fun i will have to try it as soon as i get some time...
  10. Jedi_Joel

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    Have you ever used them before?

    And it would sure be nice to have Insider pick up that service again. It would make me reconsider that $40 subscription fee.
  11. darthskellington

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    I used Stararchive back when they were free (before bandwidth costs almost shut the site down). Shortly before I stopped, they introduced a log-in feature, which streamlined the submissions feature greatly. At the time it wasn't great for small-time actors, like your SW bit parts. But is was great for anything else, especially big name actors -- you'd have dozens submissions to learn from. Then you had only 10,000 names. Now there are over 50,000!

    Now it seems to have a collection tool to keep track of your requests. The membership appears pricey, but isn't that bad. $5 for one month, or $35 for a year. That breaks down to only $3 a month, same price as a comic book.

    It's well worth it, especially considering how addictive through the mail collecting can be ;) What if I told you you could have John Travolta, Sam Jackson, James Earl Jones, Al Pacino, and..oh let's say Charlton Heston's autographs for less than $3 each? That's what got me hooked.
  12. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    It appears there is another site called movieeye.com that offers a similar service, also for $5 a month. Their sales pitch suggests a third similar site might exist.

    I found a free address site:

    Unfortunately, no test results, which is the key to successful collecting.

    Anyway, thought I'd post those before I forget them ;)
  13. Jedi_Joel

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    As you can see some people send blank 3x5 cards to the actors for them to sign it, but I've seen it on other sites where people customize their 3x5s to have things like the actor's character's pic and their actual name on it. Well I've decided I'll undertake this task. So feel free to PM me a list of actors you'd like to see on a 3x5 and what movie/scene you'd like to have the pic from.
  14. mynock11

    mynock11 Sith Medic

    Is that offer to anyone joel? Is it for any star or the ones going to be at c3?
  15. Jedi_Joel

    Jedi_Joel Agent

    Anyone in SW.
  16. Jedi_Joel

    Jedi_Joel Agent

    Here's a couple examples of mine:
  17. mynock11

    mynock11 Sith Medic

    cant see them... I will send you a pm of a few that i would like if that is ok...
  18. Jedi_Joel

    Jedi_Joel Agent

    Sure go ahead, the pics are fixed.

    I don't know if you saw this yet but according to SW.com, the following authors will be at C3 the whole time signing:
    Matt Stover, J. W. Rinzler, Karen Traviss, Aaron Allston, Troy Denning and Timothy Zahn
  19. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Cool. I've been wondering what authors will be there, but couldn't find a good source to ask. I e-mailed Dark Horse to try and find out about the comcis field, but no response :(
  20. Borsk

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    I've heard that this person has been cut from the movie - if anyone cares.

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