Boba Fett movie

Discussion in 'Espionage Report' started by Buzz Bumble, May 24, 2018.

  1. Buzz Bumble

    Buzz Bumble Furry Ewok

    Rather an obvious choice that has been rumoured for a long time, but now according to it has some facts to go with it.

  2. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    A boba Fett movie could be amazing. I thought Logan was well done, so this is a good sign.
  3. Buzz Bumble

    Buzz Bumble Furry Ewok

    It depends on when in the timeline it is ... I couldn't sit through an entire movie starring the awful Temuera Morrison!
  4. Buzz Bumble

    Buzz Bumble Furry Ewok

    The Boba Fett standalone movie is "100% dead", according to this TheForceNet report about comments from Kathleen Kennedy. No real surprise after the somewhat dismal performance of Episode VIII and Solo.

    They really need to get some people in there who actually know what they're doing. :( The people doing the TV shows appear to have a much better understanding than the movie people (although I don't like the art style of the new animated Resistance series).

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