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    Here is a quick update from Big Bad Toys about some great new pre-orders and other items that have just arrived.
    NEW PRE-ORDERS: - Soul of Chogokin: GX15,16,17 - Die Cast Evangelion figures! - Gundam: FIX 0015, 0016, 0017 - more great looking FIX figures. - Armada: Tidal Wave, Overload, Skywarp, & More - Star Wars: Unleashed Wave 6 - Yoda, Han Solo and Boba Fett - GI Joe: Spytroops wave 4 - more cool figures - AbaRanger: DX Killer Oh and Bakuren Oh
    PRE-ORDERS ARRIVING THIS WEEK: Heroes of Cybertron Wave 3, Macross 1/48 Max, Macross VF-11B Fast Pack, Star Wars Unleashed Wave 5.
    TRANSFORMERS 2000 / CAR ROBOTS: We've restocked the carded JRX Train Set - $44.99, Black Convoy, God Magnus, Wild Ride, Gigatron & Build King Carded Set. We found a great deal on these - our current pricing is less than the original wholesale price of these in Japan when they were released!
    DC DIRECT: 3 Great new DC figures have arrived - Supergirl, Cyborg Superman and Doomsday. All in stock for $15.99 each.
    SIDESHOW-WETA LOTR: After a 5 month drought, we now have substantial stock of the huge Ringwraith and Steed Statue. Most Two Towers busts and Statues are now in stock - including Gandalf and Easterling. Several Fellowship statues and busts have been restocked.
    BEYBLADES & HASBRO MISC: We just started carrying BeyBlade items and have about 15 BeyBlade tops & launchers in stock at competitive prices. Also from Hasbro - the strange 'Wally Getsa Wedgie' battery operated figure - 1500 different phrases when wedgie is applied :)
    SIMPSONS: Series 12 Simpsons figures are now in stock - another nice looking round of figures from Playmates. The set of 6 is in stock for $41.99
    STAR WARS: A small selection of older figures including red, green and freeze frame cards has been added to our Star Wars menu. Included in this new batch is the 300th Boba Fett Figure.
    18" CHUCKY: This is now the creepiest item in our warehouse - a life sized 18 Inch Chucky Doll from the Child's Play movies.
    STIKFAS: A limited supply of the promotional 14" Giant Stikfas have arrived. Wave 6 is available for pre-order - 4 new Chinese Warrior Monks, 2 Delta Boy, 2 Segmented Robots in the Wave 6 case. We still have some stock of the new Segmented Robot, Delta Boy Extreme & K-9 Unit.
    OTHER COOL ITEMS: - Movie Maniacs 6 - Alien Queen Set (Pre-Orders ship mon/tues) - Hard Hero - Ravage Statue (Pre-Orders ship mon/tues) - 1/6 Scale Lynn Minmay Macross PVC Style Figures - X-Men Revolutions 6-Pack - $19.99 - 12" GI Joe: Royal Marine Commando, SWAT Team Silent Entry - Pewter Metal Monument Convoy Statue - Japanese Beast Wars - Dreamwave - Transformers Volume 2 Issue 2 - Marvel Incredible Hulk Bust
    We have quite a bit of new product arriving this week so be sure to check back then also.
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    BBTS News: Sixtrain, Gundam FIX, Unleashed, X2, HoC 3, 1/48 Max & More!

    Here is a quick update from about some great
    new arrivals and a new pre-order:

    PRE-ORDER MICROMASTER #5 SIXTRAIN: This is a nicely repainted version of
    the #1 Sixliner set - box of 12 for $44.99. Takara states that each box
    of 12 will have the 6 figures needed to form Sixtrain, plus 6 Red figures
    to form a red version of Sixtrain. In the past they only included 1 or 2
    'chase' pieces per box, but they now appear to be including all 6. We
    anticipate this is how everything will be packaged, but can't guarantee a
    full set of red figures if they go back to their normal case breakdown.

    STAR WARS UNLEASHED: Wave 5 has just arrived and the figures are very
    impressive. Darth Sidious, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi - $16.99 per
    figure. We have a pre-order up for the Wave 6 set of 3 coming out this
    summer as well. (Existing pre-Orders will be processed soon)

    JAPANESE GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES: The brand new Gundam FIX 0014 is now in
    stock for $46.99 and the awesome metal Hyakushiki Chogokin Action figure
    is in stock - quality metal construction and very nice paint. The popular
    FIX 0013 Deep Striker is back in stock along with every other FIX figure
    #1 through #14 except for #6.

    TRANSFORMERS ITEMS: Our Heroes of Cybertron Wave 3 shipment and Hard
    Hero Grimlock Bust has just arrived (pre-orders will be processed
    soon)Japanese Beast Wars Dead End & Longrack have been restocked. The
    Sunstorm and Hauler exclusive set pre-order has been re-opened.

    MACROSS: The next installment in the 1/48 scale series - the VF-1A Max
    has arrived - available for $139.99. We have also restocked the YF-21
    Fast Pack figure.

    ABARANGER: We've received too many of the DX Bakuryu Gattai so its going
    on sale for $59.99. The new DX Dinosaur add on figures #1 (purple dino)
    and #2 (blue dino) have arrived and are in stock for $19.99. (Pre-Orders
    for those 2 items will be processed soon)

    GUNDAM MODELS: The huge MSA-001 (ext) Ex-S Gundam has arrived - the box
    is the same as the Sazabi / Perfect Grade boxes. Master Grade Zeta and
    Hyakushiki kits have also been restocked.

    X-MEN 2: We've received some of the 6" X2 figures. A very nicely done
    line - set of 4 availabe for $41.99 - single Super Poseable Wolverine for

    - MACHINE ROBO #7 - Submarine
    - DEVIL MAY CRY: Dante and also the full set of 5 figures (Toycom Menu)
    - BLUE BOX: Japanese Army Officer figure
    - SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger figures
    - JAMES BOND: License to Kill set

    Thanks so much for your interest in and be sure to
    check out the new items.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew

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