BBTS News: US Gundam, Star Wars, Stikfas, TF's, & More!

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    Here is a quick update from Big Bad Toys about some great new arrivals!
    BANDAI USA GUNDAM: Boxed Xamel, Dark Gundam Final Mode, Basic Zeus Gundam and 5 new Battle Scarred Gundams including Nataku, Heavyarms, Wing Zero, Deathscythe and Sandrock. We have also restocked previously sold out basic figures: Grizzly, Shining, Noble & Rising Gundams.
    STAR WARS: Unleashed Leia and Vader have arrived - the next wave of Unleashed figures is in transit to us - pre-orders are available now. Four new Deluxe figures have arrived: Spider Droid, Battle Droid Builder, Kamino Showdown Jango and Obi-Wan. New basic figures have also arrived: Chewbacca - Mynock Hunt, Han - Hoth Rescu, Boba Fett Carkoon, Flying R2-D2, Mace, Anakin, Obi-wan and more.
    STIKFAS: Wave 5 Stikfas have just arrived - available in a case of 8 or singly. The 3 new figures are: K-9 Police Unit, Mechana Segmented Robot, and Delta Boy Extreme - another great round of new Stikfas.
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    BLUE BOX: We have restocked all the new Cy-Com Figures: Collosus, Spectre, and Fireblade. Also most Cy-Girls are back in stock including Cutie-Honey, Auroroa, and Destiny.

    PERFECT GRADE GUNDAM: The Wing Zero Custom 1/60 and RX-78-2 Perfect Grade kits are back in stock. We also have MK-II, Zeta, and Zaku 1/60 kits.

    LORD OF THE RINGS: We've done an inventory count of our remaining stock and restocked quite a few of the previously sold out Two Towers figures. A wide selection of LotR items are now in stock.

    RINGWRAITH & STEED STATUE: We have a large shipment of these coming in this week - some of our shipment has not been pre-sold so here is a chance to pick up this beautiful statue.

    TRANSFORMERS: A small quantity of a wide variety of re-issues and re-isse exclusives have been restocked - many have not been in stock for quite a while. Takara and Hasbro re-issue Starscreams are now available and we still have some Series IV Hasbro Red Alert, Skywarp and Prowl. The vintage Japanese Scourge and Cyclonus figures have been restocked, King Exkaiser and Supreme Cheetor are also back in stock.

    ARMADA: Jetfire is back in stock!

    MICRONAUTS: Baron Karza and Series 1 cases and sets of 4 figues are back in stock.

    ALIEN & PREDATOR: We have restocked McFarlanes great Alien vs. Predator set as well as Palisades Alien Queen mini-bust.

    MARVEL LEGENDS: A small quantity of series 1 Marvel Legends have been restocked and we have reduced the prices of Marvel Legens 3 to $7.99 for single figures and $34.99 for the set of 4.

    JOYRIDE - VIDEO GAMES: The very popular Samus figure from Metroid has been restocked!

    Yamato Macross VF-11B Fastpack
    Transformers Ravage Statue
    Ringwraith & Steed Statue
    Star Wars Unleashed Wave 5

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items.

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