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    Here is a quick update from Big Bad Toys ....
    NEW PRE-ORDERS: - TRANSFORMERS LANDCROSS - Takara will release the vintage Landcross combiner set as a part of their Micromaster line. 12 figures per box and there will most likely be 2 sets per box with possible chase figures. $44.99 per box of 12 and cases of 120 also available. - GI JOE - Spytroops Wave 5 has been added to the pre-order menu. Don't miss out on Wave 4, the Crimson Guard 3-Pack and the BBTS Exclusive Crimson Guard Python Patrol Statue!
    NEW ARRIVALS: (Pre-Orders for any of the items mentioned below will be processed & shipped between now and Tuesday) MACROSS VE-1 ELINTSEEKER & VT-1 SUPER OSTRICH: These great new valks have just arrived. A nice variation from their previous releases with many extra parts and weapons. The 1/48 Parts and Armor sets have arrived along with more 1/48 Low Visibility, 1/48 Max (on sale) and we have received more Super Max & Millia, VF-11B Fastpack, and VF-1D - JAPANESE ARMADA: The show accurate paint scheme Tidal Wave (Shockwave) has just arrived as well as the Japanese: Hoist, Sideswipe, Wheeljack with minicon set, and 4 more Minicon sets including space repaints. Don't miss out on the many US Armada items that have recently arrived. UNICRON: Hasbro has finally allocated a mountain of Unicrons to us and we should have them in about 2 weeks. Pre-Orders will processed in the next few days - if you need to cancel your order for Unicron please let me know as soon as possible. JAPANESE TRANSFORMERS: MyClone Wave 3 has just arrived - Boxes of 12 and Cases of 120 are available. Each box contains either 2 full sets of 6 or 1 full set of 6, 5 normal figures + 1 bonus Chase Figure (The Chase figures are Dirge and Red Alert) 2 new Mega PVC Armada figures have arrived: Starscream and Optimus Prime with Sword. The series 2 Kabaya
    minicon repaints have arrived - all the items above are towards the bottom of the main Transformers menu: -
    More re-issue Starscream and Inferno have also arrived. BANDAI JAPAN GUNDAM & MORE: The GX-15 Red Evangelion is now on sale for $53.99 More Fix 0012 and 0015 have arrived as well as more of the Hyakushiki Chogokin Die Cast figure for $59.99. The Machine Robo Rescue Sets #1 and #2 have also been restocked.
    OTHER GREAT ITEMS: - BEYBLADES: We've restocked many of the basic figures + new ones - MARVEL SELECT: Origin Wolverine, Black Cat, Elektra - SAINT SEIYA: most of the older model kits are back in small quantities - BATTLE OF THE PLANETS: Tiny, Jason, Zoltar - on the other menu - 12" SIDESHOW: Stonewall Jackson & German Trench Raider - STAR TREK: Dr. McCoy and Scotty Busts
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    Here is a quick update from about some great
    new arrivals:

    PRE-ORDER PERFECT GRADE GUNDAM RX-78 GP01/FB - A brand new 1/60 perfect
    grade kit coming out this November or December comes packed in the largest
    box released so far by Bandai - about 1/2 again as big as the Zeta box!
    The kit comes with parts to make the GP01 or the GP01fB as well as parts
    for a hangar. Pre-Order available for $234.99

    NEW ARMADA - More new Armada has arrived - 4 new Supercons: Powerlinx
    Cyclonus, Hot Shot, Thrust and the new Cheetor. Also new Gigacons and
    Maxcons: Powerlinx Red Alert, Predacon, Powerlinx Jetfire, Tidal Wave and
    Overload (Tidal Wave and Powerlinx Jetfires will ship soon)

    SPORTS PICKS - MLB 7 - Another new wave of nice looking figures from
    McFarlane. All the standard figures are in stock as well as several

    GI JOE - 40th Anniversary Timeless collection has arrived. Remakes of the
    classic GI Joes - Action Sailor, Marine, Pilot, and Sailor. More
    Spytroops wave 3 have arrived as well.

    STIKFAS - More of the K-9 Unit, Mechana Segmented Robot, Delta Boy Extreme
    and Beta Dragon have arrived.

    UNICRON - We expect Unicron to arrive around 9/22 give or take a few days.
    We'll be processing pre-orders in the next few days - let me know asap if
    you need to cancel.

    TRANSFORMERS - The Korean Big Convoy has been restocked (on the JBW menu)
    and the TF2000 Black Convoy is also back in stock.

    DREAMWAVE - The Transformers & GI Joe first issue is now in stock on the
    Dreamwave menu.

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