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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Barada, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Barada

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    It's been over 2 years since I last posted pics of my collection.

    I finally have it as displayable as it's ever going to be. Unfortunately, most of my boxed stuff got buried behind other boxed stuff, and there is absolutely no room for modern carded figures. Check out the pics, and you'll see why.

    #1. The main display cabinet. The top shelf has all vintage 12" except Han Solo and IG-88, and every single vintage figure not displayed elsewhere in the room in a diorama. The second shelf is the same as the top, except it contains all POTF2 from the original trilogy.

    #2. The main display cabinet, again showing the POTF2 shelf. The bottom shelf is entirely Episode I figures not displayed in other dioramas elsewhere in the room. Yes, that's a loose Sacul and Toy Fair Vader front and center.

    #3. One corner of the room. You can easily see how jam packed everything is.

    #4. Another corner of the room. Again, packed practically from floor to ceiling. The white patches you see are wall peeking out from the collection.

    #5. The first of my vintage carded. All of these are on their initial card of release (12-backs, 20/21-backs, ESB, ROTJ, etc.), except for Fett. I doubt it shows up here very well, as I had to reduce the image sizes to fit on the site, but the 12-back Chewbacca, Vader, Leia, ESB Fett, ROTJ Ackbar, Bib Fortuna, and Wicket are all autographed by their respective actors.

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  2. Barada

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    #6. More vinatge carded. Autographed figs here are 12-back Tusken Raider, 21-back Greedo (by both Paul Blake and Maria D'Aragon), and ESB Lando.

    #7. The last of the vintage Kenner line carded, with autographed figs of Logray and Nien Nunb.

    #8. Closeup of the four planet sets, and the Holiday Yoda and C-3PO/R2-D2 (I don't have a loose Holiday Jawas - yet).

    #9. A wide shot of my carded vintage Ewoks and Droids figs, along with two shelves of diorama, a shelf of AOTC figs, and a fourth shelf of the Skiff, both Rancors, and associated Jabba's Palace figures. Anyone with a keen eye can spot a pic of Mrs. Barada sitting on top of Watto's Box.

    10. Self-explanatory. A vintage Death Star playset set up with related characters, the Theed playset with related figures, and my shelf of vintage Ewoks and Droids, CW, EU, and Star Tours figures. The POTF2 Y-Wing is pretty prominent at the bottom too.

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  3. Barada

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    #11. My Endor diorama, featuring a vintage Ewok Village with related figures, and a very basic diorama of the Shield Bunker confrontation. Right behind them, you can see both the vintage and POTF2 AT-AT's.

    #12. A pic of my Geonosian Arena diorama, and the four Jedi Council scenes I have (missing the last two :toed: )

    #13. Kinda buried behind the Endor setup but in front of the AT-AT shelf are a few items. You can't see the Episode I Queen Amidala dolls or the TRU 4-packs, but you can see the 12" Tauntauns, boxed prequel beast packs (including Eopie), and the three versions of Luke's Landspeeder.

    #14. Where to begin? The boxed stuff - 2 layers deep. Most of the POTF2 and prequel vehicles have been buried behind 12" figures, and you can see some of the loose vehicle collection. The three boxed Holiday sets are in this shot.

    #15. Same story as the previous pic, but all of the vintage die-cast are in this pic (except the TIE Bomber). A very keen eye can spot 4 non-SW figures in the bottom left corner of the pic - anyone guess what they're from?

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  4. Barada

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    #16. One more shot of boxed vehicles and 12". To the immediate left of the Wal-Mart trilogy sets is Barada's super-tight security measure - a Stormtrooper room alarm. It is facing sideways for a reason - anyone entering the room passes right by him.

    #17. The main focus of this shot is the vintage Imperial Shuttle, surrounded by modern 12" and podracers.

    #18. The rest of the Endor diorama shelving unit. The middle shelf is a mini-Hoth diorama, featuring the two vintage Hoth playsets, and related characters. The bottom shelf is the mini-Tatooine setup. The vintage Land of the Jawas playset is home to a droid purchase diorama, and immediately to the right (and partially obscured), is a Tusken Raider attack on Luke.

    #19. A shot of most of my 12" collection. Many of these have also been autographed by their respective actors. On top of them are the TIE Bomber and Vader's TIE, and right behind them are the entire lineup of VOTC.

    #20. One more shot of the main display cabinet, showing all three shelves.

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  5. Barada

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    #21. Since I don't have multiple copies of the OT on video, I had to use the store display for other purposes. It is holding the Episode I Invasion Force line, the Geonosian War Room and first 4 Jedi Council scenes, the Trash Compactor scenes, a loose Episdoe I Trade Federation Tank, and the only loose Episode III figs in the collection so far. Cut off from the bottom is the Falcon CD-ROM playset, and the 12" VOTC.

    #22. A closeup of my Cantina diorama. I have simply run out of room to include newer figs like Kitik Keed'Kak. :(

    #23. A closeup of my Jabba's Palace diorama. Yup, that's a vintage Yak Face and Amanaman standing right next to Ephant Mon. Poor Barada cut his figural namesake off on the right hand side.

    #24. A closeup of the EU shelf, that I unfortunately did too close and cut off many Animated CW figures.

    #25. A closeup of the Death Star Playset and its related figures. Tarkin must have bad gas - both Motti and Ozzel are choking. ;)

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  6. Barada

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    #26. A closeup of my Buddies collection (missing C-3PO and Yoda), and the POTF2 beast collection.

    #27. A closeup of the Geonosian Arena diorama.

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  7. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Most impressive :D I've only made it half way through tonight :p
  8. chris solo

    chris solo Agent

    Wicked collection. Dusting must be a nightmare. :fume:

    You're vintage section is fantastic! :)
  9. Darth Aussie

    Darth Aussie Australian Sith Lord

    By tiny he means just the room. The collection itself is awe inspiring. Thanks Barada for the Tour. i'm sorry we couldn't stay for longer. i hope to catch up again soon. ...


    JEDI FREIJAN a.k.a. Darth Kraam

    Well this would show that you have a problem ;)
    I copied the pic's to my pc so I can enjoy them when I want.
    If only they had this many toys available in Oz , better they don't or I would be very poor...But rich in youth.
    Thanks for the tour , hope to see them in the flesh one day.....

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