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Discussion in 'Autograph Collecting' started by darthskellington, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. starwarsgrapher

    starwarsgrapher New Recruit

    I have a mail question. Has anyone had a success with Dennis Muren in the last year or so? He was signing his mail about a year ago, maybe a year and a half ago but I haven't gotten him back (sent to him last Decemeber) and I haven't heard of any success? Anyone?


  2. RYAN-J


    I wrote him back on April 11th 2007 and still have not heard a reply back. I may have to call him on Monday and see what's up. :D

  3. Bounty CK

    Bounty CK Spy

    I sent him twice this year,still nothing back yet:(
  4. Mazter_Jedi

    Mazter_Jedi Your little green friend

    Hey all. Last week I sent out my first batch of autograph requests, hopefully Ill have news soon. However, I seem to have a failure already. I have a request here for Jeremy Bulloch, located in the UK. I understood from the Q&A that you could IRC's to prepay an item back to you from another country. All of my local post offices either didnt know what the heck they were or didnt have any. I just got off the phone with a USPS representative, and she informed me that as of Jan. 1 2007 you could no longer do that. I have an envelope here ready to go, already paid and stamped and everything, but no way to have it returned without the addressee picking up the tab (big no-no!) So was I mis-informed? Is there another way? Please advise!
  5. Holla300

    Holla300 The Best Bounty

    Yes there is. Send 2 dollars in USA Dollars in the envolope to pay for the postage over there.
  6. Mazter_Jedi

    Mazter_Jedi Your little green friend

    How does US dollars over there do any good? Doesnt that still make someone have to go to the post? I thought they whole point was to make it as easy as possible. If that is the case, I can send this thing out today. It just dont sound correct, but Ill take your word for it.
  7. Holla300

    Holla300 The Best Bounty

    They save the US Dollars for when they come over here and use it here. Tell them that your local post office doesn't sell IRCs and that you hope the US Dollars will work and you are sorry for any inconvenience. It has worked for me and plenty others.
  8. Chewie

    Chewie The Mighty Wookiee

    I would probably say just send two dollars as well. A lot of the people in the UK come over to the states at some point in time for a show. IRC's for me have always just been a hassle since I as well have to explain to the post office clerk what they are, and end up paying more for the IRC than its worth.
  9. RYAN-J


    Yeah I do the $2.00 method too, and I haven't had any trouble with it either. :D Plus Jeremy does lots of US shows, and that's when he mails out those requests. :)

    RYAN-J :D
  10. Mazter_Jedi

    Mazter_Jedi Your little green friend

    Thanks guys. Its funny that you say that they will use the cash on their next US trip, cuz I know Jeremy Bulloch will be coming here next month for Disney Star Wars Weekends. Usually the autograph lines there are horrible, but now that I know about mail requests, I think Im gonna skip them this year!
  11. RYAN-J


    Your most welcome Mazter_Jedi!! :D Best of luck with your collection! :)

    RYAN-J :D
  12. Mazter_Jedi

    Mazter_Jedi Your little green friend

    One more question...I know Wattographs is the ultimate place for getting Star Wars autos, but Id like some non-SW autos, particularly Nicolas Cage, my wife LOVES the National Treasure movies. Any ideas where to look?
  13. RYAN-J


    Yes, You will want to check out I use this site for all my Non-Star Wars celebs. So does Holla300! Just go the the forum section and do a search for the celebrity name your looking for and a list of posts will come up letting you know if that person signs TTM. If ya got any more questions let us know! We do are best to help new collector's!! :D

    RYAN-J :D
  14. Red 7

    Red 7 New Recruit

    You are wrong, Mark Dermul is not reputable anymore. He purchased loads of fake autographs from well known forgers a while ago and he sold them including his Bountyhunter COA.Here's the discussion: He isn't as great as he thinks. He don't know much about about authenticity or collecting. He purchased fakes, he sold fakes and there are several fakes in his own collection. There are many collectors who collect the same stuff as him, but their knowledge about authenticity is MUCH better than Marks. Look at,,,,,,,, they know MUCH more about authenticity!
  15. RYAN-J


    Thanks for the info Red! I've never dealt with Mark Dermul personally, But I just wanted to say thank you for letting us all know!! :)

  16. Red 7

    Red 7 New Recruit

    You're welcome. Mark calls himself "crusader against fakes", but his only crusade is to get his pockets full of money (yeah, that's my opinion). I am a true crusader against fake autographs, that's why I mention those things.
  17. RYAN-J


    Hey All!

    First off I want to apologize to Mark. I was a bit to hasty on my comments about his Autograph signings, I just took Red 7's word for it, And that was not right. I should have looked into the matter before misjudging him.

    I did have some questions though for Red 7 though:

    Why are you referring to something that was resolved two years ago?

    Have you had any first-hand experience with Mark?

    Why register now and post this as your first (and only) message?

    Why are there no contact details available in your profile?

    Hope to hear a response from ya! :)

  18. ryboflavin72

    ryboflavin72 Wookie Veterinarian

    i agree-let's hear.
  19. Red 7

    Red 7 New Recruit

    Why? Mark should apologize to everyone he sold expensive fakes.
    Why not? It’s an inconvenient and unpopular truth, but it is the truth.
    It’s up to me how many massages I want to post.
    I don’t think it is my duty.
  20. RYAN-J


    To reply to your message:

    I do think you owe Mark an apology, because the dispute was indeed resolved, the fake items were destroyed and the collectors refunded. Moreover, this is two years old – so what’s the beef? If you had posted this two years ago or if it had not been a situation rectified by Mark back then, it would be a different story. If you read the whole post you refer to in your original message (or on any other board for that matter), you will find this information.

    It is also the truth, thus, that the episode with fakes is no longer an issue – because it was taken care of in June 2006. It seems to me like you have a personal score to settle with Mark and I’m not sure this is the right way to go about it. What gives?

    Perhaps you should explain what experience you’ve had with Mark and how he did then not resolve it with you (for if he did, you wouldn’t have reason to place this post, would you?).

    I think it’s only fair that you explain what happened instead of just accusing somebody on a public forum. That is just not done.

    Of course you are entitled to hide your identity and post as many or as few posts as you see fit, but it does look as if your post is not as originally intended (to warn people for fake autographs) but merely a campaign to damage Mark’s reputation, which has since only been growing stronger. Everybody can make mistakes, but if the person in question rectifies them (in this case over two years ago – I really cannot stress this enough) then I think your post is uncalled for and should be either removed or updated.

    Nowhere in your original message did you give the impression that this was a thing of the past. You make it sound as if Mark is selling fakes at this very moment, which he obviously is not (Did you actually check his website in the last weeks or months? Do you have a subscription to his free newsletter in which all his signings have been documented with photos?).

    I invite any other collectors on this forum to shed their light on Mark’s Autograph Bounty Hunter.

    Just my two cents.

    RYAN-J :cool:

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