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Discussion in 'Autograph Collecting' started by darthskellington, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. darthskellington

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    Got a question? Need some help? Did I forget to mention something? Ask here! :p
  2. Yoda Man

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    Just a few things.
    1. I meant a guy in Disney World that has been collecting signatures on his poster for 8 years. What he's been doing is drawing really good pictures of the character and in return, most of the celebs sign his poster.
    2. Is sympathy votes allowed? Since I have an "illness", would it be appropriate to tell them that in hopes of raising my chances of getting an auotgraph?
  3. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    1. That's pretty cool. When you meet people in person it's great to get them to all sign one item, and you also get to know them through conversation. :) All sorts of good things can come from personal meetings.

    2. Sympathy...yes and no. If you ahve a legitimate illness, you might be able to get some sway with it. However, I really wouldn't push your luck. If you are trying to get donations for a charity auction or stuff like that, some people are happy to oblige....but you'd have to back it up with proof. You are also only like to to get sympathy if say you are requesting for a sick child or something. So...bottom line is don't try to make a fake sympathy play to better your odds. And a legitimate sympathy play is questionable in getting any better results.
  4. Jedi Freezeman

    Jedi Freezeman Infiltrator

    Ok, I've done the reading now. You say you've sent out over 200 requests. How many responses have you gotten? What was the "coolest" item(s) that you got back?

    If you sent an index card, will they automatically give you a B&W photo and not sign the card, or will they just send the card back figuring you don't want the photo?
  5. JediSearch

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    Ewan's address is in London, does this require special postage? (I haven't sent mail overseas)

    Nevermind, I missed the section on postage the first time through. [​IMG]
    There is a lot of information here to digest.
  6. JediSearch

    JediSearch S.C.A.L.P. Special Ops

    According to Wattographs:

    "I always put a 3x5 card in with my letter, and often will say something to the effect of 'I know you are busy with projects, so, if you cannot provide a signed photo, would you please take just a moment to sign the enclosed 3x5 card?'
    More often than not, I not only get a photo back, but I get a signed 3x5 card as well! For those who don't sign photos through the mail, they often sign my 3x5 card, so in that instance, I do get a signature back."
  7. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    That Wattographs quote pretty much sums up index cards. :) I sometimes ask, "if a photo is unavailable, perhaps you could sign the enclosed index card,"...or something along those lines.

    Obviously, if you only enclose a tiny envelope, no one can fit an 8X10 in it, so I always enclose a large return envelope if I hope to get a photo back. Sometimes that alone is hint enough you'd like a picture too :p

    Also, you usually get the index cards back signed, or not at all. Apparently celebrities devour them in order to maintain their popularity, or something, because it is rare to ever get an unsigned card back. Surprisingly, some people complain about this. Not sure index card costs less than a penny. :confused:
  8. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Oops :p I think I overestimated my requests....I've actually sent out 134 requests, but own over 200 autographs. Of those 134, about 100 yeilded responses. Those responses ranged from publicity material and preprints all the way up to signed photos and hand written letters from the stars.

    The nice thing about the internet is now you can find out who signs and what kinds of response you might get. There's much less guessing involved, and you don't have to waste your time writing people you'll never get a response from.

    I haven't gotten many interesting items back from stars, per se. However, many of the photos have been really nice, and I prize the letters I've gotten back--most from background SW characters.

    I guess what i still consider the coolest and among my favorites are the first ones I ever received back: Alec Guinness, Bob Hope, and Arthur C. Clarke.

    Clarke personalized my index card and signed a 3X5. Bob Hope sent a personalized B&W 8X10. And Alec Guinness signed and personalized my index card, whihc I was very fortuante to receive. Guinness was known for rarely signing, and wasn't so keen on being remembered only for SW. I didn't want to push my luck, so I only sent an index card and a small envelope. In my letter I stated that it was the first time I had ever requested an autograph (which was true). Well, he signed it and I got it back in just over a week!
  9. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Just a few quick notes:

    Joel tipped me off that some post offices now have "Self-Serve" scales. You just place your item on the scale and it prints out your postage. Convenient, if you have one near you. :)

    After being MIA for over a year, Walmart has finally started carrying inexpensive 8X10 frames again. Thes are great for framing autographs. They are black plastic, and the glass snaps in the front. They are now part of the Dollar Sense line on the frame aisle. They retail for $1.48. Unfortunately, no sign of the 9X11s they once stocked.

    Also, here's a scan of an IRC, for reference.

    NOTE IRC's now cost $1.75, unless they've gone up again. They are bigger, and blue-ish in color now. I update the scan soon.

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  10. starwax137

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    I stumbled across a link today to Wattographs' 'autograph cards'. This batch is from January 2005, and it says there are new ones each month. I would really appreciate it if anyone here could provide links to any of the cards from other months. Here's a link to what I'm talking about: Autograph Cards.htm

    Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    In the past I think they ahd alink to some custom index cards. I hadn't seen those Hewritage style cards myself. Wattographs had slowed down a little in the past few months ( I know, I know...people actually have real lives that keep them from the internet? :) ) It's entirely possible there haven't been any more cards created. I'll have to investigate.
  12. starwax137

    starwax137 New Recruit

    Thanks. I'd really appreciate any help with this.
  13. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Just a follow up..I never heard back from Wattographs regarding this. However, I don't think they made any more cards since the ones you saw, and probably didn't make any prior.

    Wattographs has been very busy lately with all sorts of new signing projects, including multiple signed photos...set up so that you pay as you go with each signer. Sounds promising to me.
  14. star_wars_fan

    star_wars_fan Infiltrator

    I am so happy to have stumbled upon this site! I have been pulling my hair out trying to find good TTM resources for Star Wars. Don't laugh but I only really figured out TTM would work about 1.5 years ago. I have a blast collecting Star Wars autographs. A couple of questions: (1) I can't ever seem to gain access to the address database on Wattographs, every time I register it says it sent me an email but I never receive the confirmation link. Is that site still up and do you guys use it?, and (2) I also have a really hard time finding high resolution pictures to print out on 8.5x11 paper. Any suggestions on good resources for pictures?

    Sorry if these are answered elsewhere, this is my rookie post. Thanks again, I plan on sending out quite a few this week based on what I've read so far...woo-hoo!!!!!
  15. Jedi_Joel

    Jedi_Joel Agent

    Wattographs is a great resource for the SW TTM Collecting community as it is free and is updated often with new information when submitted. What kind of email address are you using to register with them? As for printing out on standard paper, I say just print it out on 8x10 photo paper through an online printer like adorama, it's more cost efficent that way.
  16. star_wars_fan

    star_wars_fan Infiltrator

    Thanks for the reply! Just a regular Verizon email. Nothing ever hits my junk mail either. I've tried my email, my wife's, and even created a new one, but nothing ever shows up. Has anybody signed up recently?

    As for printing, I use a Canon i860 photo printer on high glossy photo paper. They work great, I just have trouble finding photos big enough to print 8x10 or 8.5x11 that stay clear (not fuzzy).
  17. star_wars_fan

    star_wars_fan Infiltrator

    Hope you guys don't mind several questions from a rookie, sorry for the multiple posts. Does anybody buy from The Autograph Bounty Hunter ( I'm always hesitant to buy from anybody for fear of fakes, any news/thoughts you guys care to share? I've heard he's reputable from a guy I met at a convention once...but that's about it. Thanks!
  18. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Feel free to post all the questions you have. :)

    As for Wattographs, they're pretty comprehensive as far as addys go. I hear they are working on updating their database etc in the future so it will be even better. It's been a while since I registered (years), so I don't remember how it works. JOEL......can you contact Gary or whoever and ask?

    BTW, Wattographs is reputable for signings, I bought from them on several occasions. Communication is probably their only weak point, which seems to have improved over the years.

    The Autograph Bounty Hunter (Mark Dermul) is 100% reputable. I've been on his mailing list for years, and have purchased or done signings with him on numerous occasions. I consider him a friend, though we've never met. :p All the overseas stuff takes time, but he always comes through. If any problem ever arises with a signing, you know about it right away and are reimbursed.
  19. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    Re: Pictures....that's tough. Finding a hi-res image is not easy. For just finding an image in general, I recommend google image searchs for teh actor or character. has a pretty decent image gallery, but last I checked it hadn't been updated with ROTS images.

    Currently, the best image sources are the DVDs. If you can screen-capture an're good to go. :cool: My dvd player software allows me to capture, but the image is at a goofy resolution that makes it ahrd for me to edit. I recently learned from my fellow SPies that the Print Screen button captures the image on your monitor which can tehn be pasted into n editing software. Haven't tried that on a dvd yet.

    Official Pix of course sells licensed photos online.

    I agree with Joel, having your image printed by someone is probaly the best route to go. Walmart will work, but the website Joel mentioned is probably cheaper.
  20. star_wars_fan

    star_wars_fan Infiltrator

    Thanks for both replies. Good to know your thoughts on the Bounty Hunter, he seems like a great guy and I've ordered two items so I'm that much more excited now. Any help with Wattographs would be much appreciated, I sent an email explaining the problem but hadn't heard back at the time of this post.

    I tried a couple of free screenshot utilities from Tucows but haven't had anything that works. Everything shows a black picture when I try a screenshot from ROTS. Any suggested apps?

    I've been going through the posts and I must say, this site IS AMAZING!! I'll make sure and share my efforts as well --- it's what makes it all possible after all. Thanks to all...keep it up and have a great one!

    - MJ

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