Australian Toy Fair 2006

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    “As a sneak peek into our coverage of the Australian Toy Fair 2006, have been very fortunate to secure images of the Special Hasbro Exhibition "Mr & Mrs Celebrity Potato Heads". Eighteen of Australia's celebrities including sporting heroes, chefs, actors, singers, dancers, radio and televisions personalities are support this very special exhibition. Each custom Spud Head will be auctioned and 100% of the funds raised will go to selected charities. For your change to Snipe your Favorite Spud visit our Toy Fair Day 0 Coverage for full details and images. Auctions will be run from March 10th and closing March 20th 2006. So, get your money ready and maybe you could walk away with the Veronica Twins? Or Paul Hogan? Check back soon for the Official Australian Toy Fair 2006 new reports.”
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    God i hope there's no Steve Irwin...the guys here would never let me live it
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    Nope no Irwin thank goodness....

    As a prelude to our Australian Toy Fair 2006 coverage we have an exclusive up close look at a 'special exhibition' that will be unveiled this Friday by Hasbro.

    Guess who’s been immortalized as a Mr or Mrs Potato Head?

    Paul Hogan, Rove, The Veronicas, Fatty Vautin, Ian Thorpe, Lee Harding, Mikey Robbins, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, David Boon, Ann-Maree Biggar, Todd McKenny, Molly Meldrum, Rhonda Burchmore, Sammy Powers, Iain Hewitson, Phil Kearns, Larry Emdur, David Koche & Melissa Doyle are among the famous faces who will autograph their spud-a-likes for the Celebrity Mr & Mrs Potato Head Exhibition which is being unveiled at the Australian Toy Fair on March 10th, 2006.
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    Maybe we can have a custom contest to create a Steve Irwin potato head. It's a real shame that he was left out. ;)

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