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    The Private Universe and Hasbro UK are joining forces to improve Star Wars collecting in the UK with a brand new feature, 'Ask Hasbro UK'. Many other sites have for some time had a direct link to Hasbro US to pass on information and help the US fans enjoy collecting more, but sadly no such communication has existed with UK Star Wars sites till now. This new feature is exclusive for UK Star Wars fans to air their concerns and ask the questions relevant to collecting Hasbro products in the UK, I cannot urge you enough to take advantage of this, so please check out TPU for more details and get writing those mails!'

    TPU also has some news from TRU uk today regarding potential events taking place in stores relating to AOTC, and scans of the latest vouchers and newsletter, please report something on this too.

    So head over to The Private Universe and check it out.

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