Art of Starfighter Exhibit opens at Indy Children's Museum

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    The Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit Art of the Starfighter opened this weekend at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Costumed members of the Indy Knights, 501st Midwest Garrison, and Rebel Legion Midwest Base were in attendence to add to the atmosphere. The exhibit is mostly the Starfighter itself, which is roughly about the size of a crop plane.

    Other additions include models of a TIE Fighter and an X-Wing, a video documentary starring George Lucas, Doug Chaing and others involved in developing the Starfighters, a kiosk where kids can test their Star Wars knowledge and play the video game Starfighter. Also, kids can dress up in Jedi and Queen Amidala costumes and get their pictures taken in front of a back drop that reminds you of the Phantom Menace.

    On display are also Jake Lloyd's costume and a dress that his sister Madison wore in the Phantom Menace. The exhibit runs from March 23 through May 12. Visit

    Childrens Museum

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