Any luck with posters TTM?

Discussion in 'Autograph Collecting' started by star_wars_fan, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. star_wars_fan

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    Was considering sending a poster to a few folks. Anybody ever had luck with it before? Figure I would need to include a return tube inside the original tube with postage on it. Any thoughts?
  2. SWfan

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    This is an old thread.. Don't know if you still check in, but figured I'd answer it. I've sent a couple posters TTM. I just address the tube to me, add postage and everything so it's ready to return, then wrap it up in brown packing paper, address it to them and ship it. That way all they have to do is tear the paper off and it's ready to go. :)
  3. star_wars_fan

    star_wars_fan Infiltrator

    Thanks! So your shipping label to them is on the outside of the brown packing paper that is wrapped around the tube. So you don't do a tube in a tube. That right? Makes sense and probably a lot easier. Thanks for the tip! Do you tape your letter to the outside of the tube or roll it up in the tube? Just trying to make it easier on them. Thanks again!
  4. SWfan

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    Yep, just one tube. Cheaper that way and probably easier for them too. :)

    I just roll the letter up and stick it in with the poster. Happy to help! :)

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