A lot of Star Wars autographs for sale - low prices!

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    Hi there,

    I have a lot of extra Star Wars autographs I don’t need anymore. I’m not really someone who likes to sell them, but days of trading Star Wars sigs are mostly gone. Therefore I sell them for little money.

    My reputation: I collect since 1997, my websites are www.starwarsautographs-online.de and www.autographzone.de, I’m also one of the administrators of germany’s most popular autograph collectors message board. I tracked down several cast members before anybody else did, and you can believe me I know a lot about autographs and authenticity.

    $2 per autograph:

    Christine Allsopp (Make-up Artist: ROTJ) INDEX CARD
    Kevin Baillie (Animatics) INDEX CARD
    Bernard Bellew (2nd Assistant Director: EP1) INDEX CARD
    Rob Bonstin (Tech. Op. Supervisor: EP2&3) INDEX CARD
    Jeff Brewer (Model Maker EP1) INDEX CARD
    Andrew Doucette (Character Animator: EP1-3) INDEX CARD
    Ron Goodman (Aerial Cameraman: TESB & ROTJ) INDEX CARD
    Nic Knowland (Director of Photography: TPM additions) INDEX CARD
    Tom Martinek (Digital FX Artist) INDEX CARD
    Laurie Shane (Gaffer: TESB) INDEX CARD

    $3 per autograph:

    Robert Bovill (Model Maker: ROTJ) INDEX CARD
    Howie Hammerman (Jabba Sounds) INDEX CARD
    Ali Keshavji (Fire-Ship Pilot: EP3) INDEX CARD
    Bob Keen (Special Make-up FX: TESB, ROTJ) INDEX CARD
    Steve Lanning (2nd Assistant Director: TESB) INDEX CARD
    Michael Potter (Guard #2: Holiday Special) INDEX CARD
    Stuart Rowsell (Creature Technician: AOTC) INDEX CARD
    Margaret Towner (Jira) 4X6 PHOTO

    $4 per autograph:

    Frank Billington-Marks (Prop Maker) INDEX CARD
    Peter Burroughs (Ewok Warrior) 4X6 PHOTO
    Caroline Blakiston (Mon Mothma) Trading Card
    Shirley Cooper (Animatronics: TPM) POSTCARD
    Paul Huston (Model Maker) INDEX CARD
    Keren Minshull (Green Clubber: AOTC) TRADING CARD
    David Sexton (Naboo Guard: TPM) 4X6 PHOTO
    Joe Viskocil (Miniature Pyrotechnics: ANH & TESB) 4X6 PHOTO

    $5 per autograph:

    Joylon Bambridge (R2-D2 Operator: EP1) 4X6 PHOTO
    Dave Carson (Model Maker) INDEX CARD
    John Coppinger (Animatronic Model Designer) CCG
    Tony Cox (Ewok Warrior) INDEX CARD
    Axel Dench (Wookiee: ROTS) INDEX CARD
    Chantal Freer (Ellé) INDEX CARD
    Martin Gant (FX Technician: TESB) INDEX CARD
    William Hoyland (Imperial Officer: ROTJ) INDEX CARD
    Grant Imahara (Model Maker: EP1 & 2) CCG Card (german edition)
    Louis Katz (Digital FX Artist: TPM&AOTC) 4X6 PHOTO
    Andrew Kelly (Robot Fabricator/Supervisior: TESB) INDEX CARD
    Lev Mailer (Imperial Officer: Holiday Special) 4X6 PHOTO
    Terrence Masson (Sequence CG Supervisor: TPM) 4X6 PHOTO
    Alvah Miller (Optical FX) INDEX CARD
    Bonnie Piesse (Beru Whitesun) 4X6 PHOTO (picture is not from the film)
    Kevin J. Pike (Location FX: ROTJ) INDEX CARD
    Anthony Smee (Imperial Officer: ROTJ) 4X6 PHOTO
    Jim Smentowski (Naboo Senator) 4X6 PHOTO
    David Sosalla (Key Sculptor: ROTJ) INDEX CARD
    Mark Sullivan (Digital Matte Painter) 4X6 PHOTO

    $8 per autograph:

    Peter Kleinow (Stop-Motion Animator: TESB) INDEX CARD - Deceased
    David Merry (Ishi Tib: EP3) 4X6 PHOTO
    Paul Nicholson (Po Nudo: EP3) INDEX CARD
    Dipika O’Neill Joti (Depa Billaba) INDEX CARD
    Mark Roper (Voice of PK4) 4X6 PHOTO
    Alan Tomkins (Art Director: TESB) 4X6 PHOTO

    You also have to pay for the shipping, but we might talk about that. Unregistered shipping is your own risk.

    Send me a message if you're interested in something.

    --- Several items are gone and removed from the list---
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    Just got some great stuff from Holger, thanks a lot! :D

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