$5 SW figs at Walmart

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by darthskellington, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. darthskellington

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    I seem to recall someone else found something like this a couple months
    ago. Today while at Walmart I spotted a few Star Wars items in the
    Clearance valley. Alas, most of them (Titanium and Mighty Muggs), were
    "clearance" stickered at full price. However, they had a few SW figs for
    $5...and then only randomly marked. Among them were Clone Wars Destroyer
    and Super Battle Droids, and Saga Legends Super Battle Droids.

    So, I went back across the store to the figure aisle and began scanning
    figs. It would appear that all the Clone Wars figures were ringing up
    $5, and some of the Legends figures (not all). The BAD figures I scanned
    were full price.

    So, I snagged CW Obi-Wan, Rex, Space Trooper, Destroyer Droid, and Plo
    Koon for $5 each. They also had (but I did not scan or purchase) Yoda,
    Anakin, IG-86, and 212th (Yellow) Clone.

    I also snagged a Legends Snowtrooper for $5. Imperial Engineer rang up
    full price.

    Also, for those interested, another nearby Walmart had "rolled-back" the
    price on Star Trek 3" figs to $4.96.


    PS....on a side note there was a loose Terminator Endo-Skull role-play
    toy in the clearance aisle. It's kinda cool. Turns out the red eyes are
    located in the eyebrow area and are pointed down. Clear plastic lenses
    reflect the red light straight out of the eyes, using a mirror effect.
    Thus allowing kids to see out of the helmet but still have glowing red
  2. Chewie

    Chewie The Mighty Wookiee

    Yeah, It was just a few months ago that my Wal-Mart clearanced a ton of Indiana Jones Crystal Skull figures for $1 each!! I'll have to check back and see what the Star Wars figs are up to... :D

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