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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by BlueHarvest, Nov 6, 2001.

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    Sorry Barada... I borrowed your idea...

    What line is better, in your opinion? And what is your favorite character in the 12" line (can be as many as you want)!

    For me, my favorite was the classic Fett! He had that "Bionic Man" eye in the back of his head so you can see "EXACTLY" what Fett would see!... Grappling hook with uber' cool string for hanging your favorite bounty hunter! BUllet proof plastic body, and an attitude to go along with it!

    My most favorite in the current line would have to be the Marmit line...then the 100th Luke, 13" Vader, KB Fett, Dewback/Sandtrooper, Biker Scout/Speeder, Han Tauntaun, Royal Guard, TC-14, Maul/Speeder, Han/Carbo, IG-88 and Captn' Tarpals/Kaduu.

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    Hey Blueharvest! I shoulda copywrited my idea! Thief! Yousa bombad!

    Seriously, I think the vintage Jawa, IG-88, Fett, Vader, and Stormtrooper were the best of the bunch, with Han and Obi-Wan not being too shabby either. If only they didn't have that 'standing at attention' pose (especially the trooper).

    Standouts on the current line for me are Boss Nass, Fett, Royal Guard, Ackbar, any Stormtrooper, and IG-88.

    I just have to mention that the biggest screwup Hasbro did the second time around was 1996 Chewie as Don King. The vintage one at least looked like him, but this one is using more hairspray than Jon Bon Jovi circa 1986!


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