10 More Vintage Figures to Go!!!

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Rogue7, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. Rogue7

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    With the advent of the FX-7 wave & Amanaman deluxe figure, I was wondering how close Hasbro was to completing the vintage line. I flipped through my copy of Tomart's Price Guide to WW SW Collecting, and found out we're now only 10 figures away.

    Here they are:

    1. Cloud Car Pilot
    2. Chief Chripa
    3. General Madine
    4. Klaatu (Non Skiff Guard Outfit)
    5. B-Wing Pilot
    6. Paploo
    7. Lumat
    8. Warok
    9. Imperial Dignitary
    10. Romba

    Of course, this could be up for dispute depending on your idea of a 'true' action figure. I also find it interesting that half of them are Ewoks.

    Normally, I wouldn't count the Bespin Gown Leia from the 'Leia Collection' due to it having a cloth cape and hair and not being carded separately (this is kind of like the carded, all plastic Endor Gown Leia vs. the cloth, Leia collection Endor Gown Leia).
    But with the cloth cape on the new Lando looking so cool, and Hasbro using more cloth in their figures (300th Fett, Deluxe Slave Leia), I may have to revise that opinion (I would like a new Bespin Gown Leia sculpt, though).

    Other figures up for discussion would be:

    1. Death Squad Commander (although to me this is just Kenner's version of the Death Star Trooper).

    2. Silver Death Star Droid (see above, or just make that silver droid from the sandcrawler).

    3. Black Bespin Security Guard (We had two in the vintage line. We've got two in the new line. Although I'm not happy with either of them, to me it satisfies the requirement.

    4. Hoth Rebel Commander/Hoth Rebel Soldier (Same arguement as above. To me, the generic, non-bearded figure in the Deluxe line is the same as the old vintage Hoth rebel soldier, while the carded, bearded figure serves in the capacity of the Hoth Rebel Commander. A couple more generic-type Hoth Rebels would be good though).

    5. Imperial Commander (Vintage figure was in a black uniform - same as the new Imperial Officer. I'm all for more though. Olive uniform, White uniform, etc. Bring em on).

    6. B-Wing Pilot (Does the new Sullustan B-wing pilot satisfy this requirement? Not to me it doesn't. I'd also like to see a new A-wing pilot with the correct helmet.)

    7. Imperial Gunner (same arguement as #1. Although I've heard there are differences in the outfits (radiation breastplate, etc), between ANH and ROTJ, to me a Death Star Gunner is a Death Star Gunner, they've all got that funky looking helmet.)

    So that's it. Are we 10 figures away from completing the vintage line, or more? Let's hear your opinions.

    Mike (Rogue7)
  2. jedibear

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    Well, we are getting a couple more ewoks in 2002...one with the re-issued Scout Walker and "Teebo", the striped one that R2 zaps after being picked up of the floor.

    I'd still like to see a couple more ewok two-packs containing the ones from your (& Tomart's) list.

    The Imperial Dignitary actually has a name now...Sate Pestage. He's an aide to Palpitine in the prequel era (most recently featured in the book "Cloak of Deception") doing some dirty deeds for the soon-to-be emperor. He definately deserves a figure.

    I also like the idea I've seen bouncing around forums for awhile about some "Cinema Scene" style three-packs of Imperial & Rebel Officers (the Imp one: Admiral Ozzel, Captain Needa & Moff Jerjerrod..the Rebel one: General Dodonna, General Rekieen & General Madine).

    While it would be nice to see all the vintage figures updated, I'd like to see Hasbro continue to add new, never before produced characters(like the upcoming Bo Shek & the Imp R2 unit) I really am stoked about the next fan club figure, Ephont Man.

    I figure we may have around a year after Episode III left on Hasbro actually producing SW figures and I don't know if that's enough time to produce all the rest of the vintage, more unproduced characters from the original films AND all the new characters from the three prequel films.

    Time will tell...
  3. Nightwing

    Nightwing New Recruit

    cloud car pilot was one of my fave vintage figures, so I'd love an updated version of him, and the cloud cars would make an awesome vehicle.

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