063 - David Ankrum (ANH voice of Wedge/Red 2)

Discussion in 'Autograph Collecting' started by darthskellington, May 1, 2006.

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    Mr. Ankrum comes from an acting family....his mother, Joan Wheeler appeared in both movies and broadway, and his father, Morris Ankrum, played various roles in Sci-Fi movies and westerns. David himself has appeared in a variety of television series in the 1970's and 80's, and has worked as a writer and voice-artist. Since then, he has become an agent..representing a variety of actors, actresses, and writers. On to the Star Wars connection. In A New Hope, he was entrusted with voicing-over Scottish-born Denis Lawson, the actor who played Wedge Antilles. So, whenever you hear Red 2 (Wedge) on the comm channel...that's David Ankrum.

    You can check out Mr. Ankrum's filmography here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0030193/

    For more insight....visit his website at: http://www.wedgespeaks.com/index2.htm

    Mr. Ankrum actually sells nice photos on his webiste, which can be personalized. A contact address is also given, which is listed below. No word yet on whether he will sign items sent to him...but I hope to find out myself. More on that as it develops.

    David Ankrum
    1680 North Vine Street #1016
    Hollywood, CA 90028

    Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.

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  2. darthskellington

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    Re: TBS Autograph Project 063 - David Ankrum (ANH voice of Wedge/Red 2)

    Got a response today in exactly 6 days! I sent him 2 indexes and a trading card, asking him to sign one. He inscribed the trading card with a quote and mailed it back between my indexes to protect it. :) Excellent response.

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  3. Sarasotarockstr

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    Great success! Mr. Ankrum signed and personalized the photos I sent to him, adding a line of dialogue as well. On one he wrote "Red 2 standing by" - and on my fav he wrote "look at the size of that thing!".


    Scans on my site.

  4. Bounty CK

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    Got success today.Great signer!!!:p

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  5. AmShak

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    Images added to the first post.

    My request was sent today.
  6. AmShak

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    mine came back today and he signed all of the items that i sent, similar to what has already been posted.

    11 days

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  7. SWfan

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    My request went out today!
  8. RYAN-J


    My Request went out July 24th 2007!!

  9. SWfan

    SWfan Infiltrator

    I sent another request to Mr. Ankrum today. He never replied to my first one.
  10. Holla300

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    Good Luck on your request!:D
  11. jedibill

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    Wow that's amazing, Mr Ankrum is a super nice guy who always has a fast turn around. I'll bet it got lost in the mail. Be sure to send a return envelope and return postage, he gets alot of mail requests!
  12. SWfan

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    I got a success from Mr. Ankrum today! He signed all my cards. Took 9 days!
  13. RYAN-J


    Congrats! I currently have two requests out, and he hasn't replied to any of them! :(

  14. Vader Nation

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    Has anyone had any recent success? I was thinking of sending a request. I have included a couple new pics if anyone wants to use them.

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  15. Chewie

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    Was he not the voice of Wedge in ESB and ROTJ? I can only find him credited with ANH... just curious.
  16. Vader Nation

    Vader Nation Sith in Canada

    very nice success. I sent two photos, letter, SAE, and $ for return postage. I received both photos back signed,as well as a blank piece of paper with his overhead on it . Very happy, thanks!!
  17. RYAN-J


    Very cool Vader nation. I've sent him two letters so far and have got no reply back. Not sure what he doesn't like about my letters. :(

  18. Corran(Horn

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    Mr. Ankrum signed all 3 CCGs I sent to him with silver sharpie.

    Thank you, Mr. Ankrum!

    @RYAN-J: You might want to contact Mr. Ankrum via his website, he posted an email address to contact him: http://www.wedgespeaks.com/contact.htm

    honestly asking usually gets me successes. So if you ask him, why he never replied while he replied to lots of your friends, he might answer. You got nothing to lose... + this is a chance to show him you really care about getting his autograph.
  19. RYAN-J


    Thanks Corran(Horn!! I will do that! :D

  20. RYAN-J


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