054 - Erik Bauersfeld (voice of Bib Fortuna & Admiral Ackbar)

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    Not much is known about Mr. Bauersfeld. IMDB only credits him with voice-work for Return of the Jedi and, more recently, AI: Artificial Intelligence (he voiced a gardener). In ROTJ, however, Mr. Bauersfeld voiced two of the most popular new characters: Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortuna. That would make Mr. Bauersfeld the reciter of such lines as Die Wanna Wanga! and It's a Trap! :D

    You can check out Mr. Bauersfeld's IMDB filmography here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1049512/

    Mr. Bauersfeld seems more than happy to sign items for his fans. He is known to sign and inscribe items, and sometimes includes a short note. Most people have receieved a response in less than a month! Don't miss your opportunity to get this great autopgraph.

    Erik Bauersfeld
    P.O. Box 5615
    Berkeley, CA 94705

    Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.

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  2. darthskellington

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    Re: TBS Autograph Project 054 - Erik Bauersfeld (voice of Bib Fortuna & Admiral Ackbar)

    Got a response in only 11 days! Mr. Bauersfeld signed and personalized my two trading cards. :D

    No answers to my questions, so I can't fill you in on any more of his career. :p

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  3. Sarasotarockstr

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    Re: TBS Autograph Project 054 - Erik Bauersfeld (voice of Bib Fortuna & Admiral Ackbar)

    Finally! After a while of no SW successes, today brought one of those magic envelopes.

    Mr. Bauersfeld gratiously signed three photos (I think I meant to send two - the third I believe was an alternate photo meant for another actor!).

    What made these so great were the inscriptions!

    The first, a photo showing Ackbar and Mon Mothma, he signed his stock autograph ("To Bret from the voice, not the face, of ______ Eric Bauersfeld") and included a word balloon from Ackbar that said "Is this a trap?"

    The second, a screenie I grabbed off the DVD of Ackbar actually saying his famous line, he signed the stock autograph and this time the word balloon from Ackbar said "Hi Bret - looks like it isn't a trap afterall!".

    The third - a shot of Bib Fortuna - is my favorite. It said "To Bret - who is Wanna Wanga? And why do I want him dead?", a play on the classic "Die Wanna Wanga!" line. Awesome.

    He wrote in regular pen so I don't know if I'm going to scan them. We'll see how the digital photos come out.

    If so, they'll be on the website.

    Shameless plug #1- I'm up to 28 successes, with a bunch of non-SW folks including Streisand, Shirley Temple and a lot more. Addresses on my site as well.

    Shameless plug #2 - I'm still looking for a Dallas area collector who may be interested in a trade - my Temuera or Jay autograph in exchange for Ploo Koon or Watto at SciFix Expo. Please let me know if interested!

    Thanks all!
  4. RYAN-J


    Re: 054 - Erik Bauersfeld (voice of Bib Fortuna & Admiral Ackbar

    I think I'll take a shot at writing mr. Bauersfeld!! Have to dig through my archives and see if I have any pictures of Fortuna and Ackbar.

    RYAN J.

    EDIT: Got my letter all ready to Go! It will be in the mail tomorrow!

    RYAN J.
  5. star_wars_fan

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    Success after 15 days! Mr. Bauersfeld signed both of 4x6 pics and hand-signed a personalized typed reply letter. He replied to my questions about how he became involved in the films...quite interesting. He said that he didn't even know what he was recording the lines for when he did them. He also said he's NEVER seen the other films except for the one he voiced for (ROTJ). I thought it was pretty interesting. Great success!
  6. darthskellington

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  7. RYAN-J


    TYPE: Tester Sent Item
    WHAT KIND OF ITEM: Sent Letter, SASE, 1 picture of Bib Fortuna and 2 pictures of Admiral Ackbar
    Mr. Bauersfeld signed and personalized all my items with very funny quotations!! He also used my SASE. Very fast response time!! Very happy! RYAN J.
    Date Sent: 8/3/2006 Date Sent: 8/14/2006 Time Taken: 11 days
    Submitted By: RYAN J.



    P.S. I mentioned this thread to him in my letter so hopefully he has checked it out!!

    RYAN J.
  8. AmShak

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    Images added to the first post.

    My request was sent today.
  9. AmShak

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    another success today
    He sign all of the items that i sent and wrote a short note on the B&W that i sent.

    28 days

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  10. Bounty CK

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    I sent him on 13 Oct. and still haven't get back yet:(
  11. DarthNervous

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    He used to be much quicker. Maybe he took a break. I just got mine back after waiting about 6 weeks.
  12. Bounty CK

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    Finally got items back.Erik signed 4 trading cards,1 ccg & 1 index card.Took 106 days:)
  13. Bounty CK

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  14. Yodasnews

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    I got mine back today, 2 week turnaround, signed 2 images I sent and added a cool message to both.
  15. SWfan

    SWfan Infiltrator

    My request went out today!
  16. I got my two 10x8s back signed by Eric Bauersfeld, one of which was already signed by Mike Carter:


  17. Jay

    Jay New Recruit

    Recieved my success from Mr. Bauersfeld after about a month. He signed my small photo of Ackbar, 2 trading cards and wrote me a small note.

    Sent: 1/5/2007
    Recieved: 2/19/07
  18. that_yoda_guy

    that_yoda_guy New Recruit

    Got my Bib Fortuna trading card and index card back, both signed.
    He wrote "To Jason, from the voice of Ackbar and Bib" on both.

    Sent it out 6/30
  19. angel

    angel New Recruit

    i sent a request to mr. Bauersfield ,and sucsess :) i sent a printed index card and a trading card he sighed poth and personalized one .wonderfull sucsess

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