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Discussion in 'Autograph Collecting' started by darthskellington, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Michael Leader has a short known filmography, consisting mostly of Star Wars, a few episodes of Blake’s 7, and a recurring role on the series/soap-opera EastEnders. That’s about all that is known about him, at least online. Hopefully I can dig up some more info when I get a response from him.

    So what is he known for in Star Wars? Well, he played a well known Stormtrooper aboard the first Death Star, harassing our galactic heroes.

    You can check out Mr. Carter’s IMDB filmography here:


    Mr. Leader is a fast signer, who seems happy to sign for fans. He typically signs items sent to him, and will sometimes write a short note. Most people receive a response in less than two weeks, and I have not heard of it taking longer than a month.

    Michael Leader
    c/o Eastenders
    Elstree Centre
    Clarendon Road
    WD6 1JF
    United Kingdom

    Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.

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  2. AmShak

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    Request sent today - images added to the first post
  3. Vader Nation

    Vader Nation Sith in Canada

    Nice Success today. I sent 2 photos, letter, SAE, and $ for return postage. I got all two signed and two personalized. I didn't get a response to my questions, but that is ok, still a nice sucess! Thank you! Took less than a month, 28 days.
  4. Bounty CK

    Bounty CK Spy

    Finally got success:p
  5. jedibill

    jedibill New Recruit

    Great success Chan, at least he is signing with something other than a ball point pen. I got a weird, if not unique, success from him

  6. RYAN-J


    LOL! Wow that is a funny success from him. :D

  7. Vader Nation

    Vader Nation Sith in Canada

    I will post my reply tonight. Kind of funny, he had the quote "Mind your Head" on mine!
  8. Corran(Horn

    Corran(Horn Red Squadron

    success. very fast reply from the UK - 8 days! very nice guy.

    unfortunally he removed the protectors from my ccgs, so they got damaged a bit on their flight back from the UK - but that's alright. the signatures look superb! thank you, Mr. Leader.

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