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    Mr. Chancer had a variety of television roles and appearances, as well as many film performances since the late 1960s. He has appeared in such recognizable works as: The Great Gatsby, Ragtime, Ghandi, and Selling Hitler. He also appeared in an episode of Highlander and voiced that character Whistler in the Blade video game.

    In The Empire Strikes Back Mr. Chancer played Rebel Officer Tamizander Rey. Tamizander Rey is the deck officer Han Solo confronts while trying to find out where Luke is. Rey suggests that…”it’s possible Commander Skywalker came in the south entrance.”

    You can check out Mr. Chancer’s IMDB filmography here:


    I only have one previous result to go on, but that attempt proved successful in less than a month. Mr. Chancer signed and personalized some items sent to him. I sent out a request myself on 11/23/05, so we’ll see what results I get.

    Norman Chancer
    73 Gloucester Road
    Middlesex TW12 2UQ
    United Kingdom

    Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.

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    Images added to the first post.

    My request was sent today.
  3. Vader Nation

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    New Contact Address:

    Harvey Voices
    4th Floor
    52-53 Margaret St
    W1W 8SQ
  4. Vader Nation

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    Very nice success, Mr. Chancer signed all three of my pics and even returned my $. Address used was the Harvey Voices address above.

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    That's why I still haven't receive my items back.I sent him to another address 2 years ago.I will send him again soon to the address above.

    BTW,great success,Vader Nation!!!:)
  6. Corran(Horn

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    Mr. Chancer signed and personalized 2 CCGs for me.

    Took 100 days

    Address I used is from http://www.harveyvoices.co.uk/contact

    Harvey Voices
    58 Woodlands Road
    N9 8RT

    Thank you, Mr. Chancer!

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