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    Mr. Harte as a rather short career in film and television. Hopefully a future interview might shed some more light on this actor. One of his earlier film appearances was in The Empire Strikes Back as Romas “Lock” Navander, one of the head controllers at Echo Base on Hoth. He also portrayed a Senate Chairman in Santa Claus: The Movie (Anyone remember that one ? :p ) and later appeared as Professor Stanton in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

    Of note, it is surprisingly difficult to locate photos of Mr. Harte from The Empire Strikes Back. To my knowledge, his likeness only appears on the rebel Decipher CCG card entitled Evacuation Control. The CCG card for Romas “Lock” Navander erroneously pictures another actor, Burnell Tucker. While Mr. Tucker will sign Romas cards on occasion, he prefers to sign only photos of himself, for the sake of professional integrity. He will often good-naturedly point out if it is not a picture of himself.

    You can check out Mr. Harte’s IMDB filmography here:


    As it is so difficult to find photos of Mr. Harte, I recommend just sending index cards or generic Hoth or ESB photos. As I mentioned above, the Evacuation Control card is the only trading card I know of with his likeness. Mr. Harte does sign autograph requests quickly, usually in under a month, and sometimes includes a personal note.

    Jerry Harte
    11 Woodlands Road
    London SW13 0JZ
    United Kingdom

    Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.

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    Re: TBS Autograph Project 022 - Jerry Harte (Romas "Lock" Navander)

    Received a response from Mr. Harte today...my request took only 18 days!

    He signed both of my trading cards, and personalized both of my index cards. He also wrote a short note on the bottom of my letter, informing me that he apparently was involved with theater and television, and is "sort of retired now." :p

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  3. AmShak

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    i've been doing some searching for any image for him and i have found the decipher card that skellington mentions above which is consistant with the image that jedicouncil used. now, i'm off to see if there is a better image available, but i wanted to go ahead and post the card for reference.

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  4. AmShak - if you want I will happily e-mail you the image that I used
  5. AmShak

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    That would be great. I grabbed a couple of screen shots of that sequence in the movie and a few others that i think might be him. I'll be posting them in the next day or so and i'll be asking him if he could clarify what i think might be him and if it really is him.

  6. AmShak

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    Images added to the first post. i *think* i have gotten images of him. I have written to him asking if he could verify. once he responds, i'll make the changes as needed.

    My request was sent today.
  7. AmShak

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    i got a response from Mr. Harte today. he clarified which images were of him. i sent him 4 photos, 3 from the first post in this thread and a 4th that i thought was questionable. the 4th was not him, but he signed it anyway. he also wrote me a letter, part of which is posted below.

    33 days

    i don't think the guy on the left looks like Burnell, but i cannot say who it is and he would know better than i.

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  8. Bounty CK

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    Is Mr. Harte himself in the pic?
  9. AmShak

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    Yes, he is in all of the images in the first post of this thread. from left to right, in the first image, he is the one in the background leaning and facing forward.
  10. Bounty CK

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    Glad I have this card.I will send the request next week:cool:
  11. Bounty CK

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    Got success today.He signed 2 trading cards & 2 ccg cards but all on card back.So strange.Will post pics later:)
  12. colin the hutt

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    got a reply today rts not known at this address oh well ya win some you lose some
    sent on 16 march 2007
    recived 21 march 2007
  13. Chewie

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    Got a succes back from Mr. Harte today! He signed my CCG card on the back, and 2 index cards. He also wrote some quick notes on the bottom of my letter answering my questions. :D

    Date Sent: 9/1/07
    Date Received: 9/13/07

    Address Used:
    Jerry Harte
    11 Woodlands Road
    London SW13 0JZ
    United Kingdom

    I'm having trouble uploading this scan for some reason... I'll post it if I can work it out.:p
  14. Vader Nation

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    Nice success today. He signed all three photos, and answered all my questions on the bottom of the letter i sent. Thanks Jerry!
  15. Corran(Horn

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    I got a RTS (moved) from 11 Woodlands Road today. very weird, since I got a success from the same address 3 days before I sent out my second letter that got me an RTS.

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