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    Mr. Tucker has many years experience in film and television. He typically plays military and technical characters, ranging from policemen all the way up to admirals and presidents. He has had small roles in numerous well-known movies, including The Shining, Flash Gordon, You Only Live Twice, Superman, The Omen, Rollerball, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Mr. Tucker also appeared in two Star Wars movies, playing a Rebel Technician.

    In A New Hope, he played Del Goren, a tech commonly seen in pictures of the rebel command center near a radar screen. He also played Wyron Serper, a similar character seen in Echo Base on Hoth. Also of note, the Decipher CCG card of Romas “Lock” Navander is actually a photo of Mr. Tucker as Wyron Serper (and not a photo of Jerry Harte, the actor who is credited with portraying Romas Navander).

    You can check out Mr. Tucker’s IMDB filmography here:


    Mr. Tucker typically signs items sent to him, and sometimes even writes a short response of his own. Most requests have received responses within a month, often only a week or so. Please feel free to log your requests here. :)

    Burnell Tucker
    c/o JLM
    259 Acton Road
    London W4 5DG
    United Kingdom

    Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.

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    Re: TBS Autograph Project 021 - Burnell Tucker (Del Goren, Wyron Serper)

    I received a response form Mr. Tucker today (one of three responses I found in my mailbox :D ). He signed and personalized my index and trading cards. He also wrote short. I had asked if there was any story behind how he got cast in two SW movies, which he responded was ultimately the casting director's decision. :p

    Took 18 days.

    In case you were wondering....vintage ESB trading card #16 features Burnell Tucker standing beside Leia and Riekaan. This is one of Mr. Tucker's speaking lines, when they discover the Imperial Probot on their scanners.

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    Today brought a Star Wars success after a bit of a dry spell.

    Mr. Tucker signed and personalized the 8x10 I sent him showing him as Del Goren.

    He also included a short note. I'd mentioned I'm 31 in the letter which probably why. :)

    "Dear Bret,
    Thank you for your letter - you were a toddler when these were taken. I may have changed a little too. All the Best, Burnell"

    Good stuff! Thanks Bothans.
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  5. AmShak

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    Images added to the first post.

    My request was sent today.
  6. AmShak

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    request came back today. he signed all of theitems i sent along with a short note. very pleased

    15 days

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  7. Bounty CK

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    Got success today.Signed all items I sent.Took 27 days,very happy:p
  8. Bounty CK

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    Here you go:p

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    New Address:
    c/o JLM Personal Management
    4th Floor Holborn Hall
    193-197 High Holborn
    WC1V 7BD
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    Mr. Tucker signed all 3 CCGs I sent to him (Del Goren, Wyron Serper, Romas "Lock" Nevander) and even answered a question for me: he clearified that all trading cards show him. This was super fast as well. less than a week inside europe.

    I used the new JLM address. I had found it on their website. lol checked here to see that Vader Nation had posted it already. Thanks for that, Vader Nation.

    Thank you, Mr. Tucker!
  11. Vader Nation

    Vader Nation Sith in Canada

    strange, again mine has been out since March/09.

    may have to resend.

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