001 - Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

Discussion in 'Autograph Collecting' started by darthskellington, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Bounty CK

    Bounty CK Spy

    Finally,got Ewan back today.He signed 2 trading cards.Great success!!!Will send him again later :D

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  2. RYAN-J


  3. Jay

    Jay New Recruit

    I'm getting a request ready. I'm sending a few trading cards, but really I'm hoping for the standard photo.
  4. Matt

    Matt New Recruit

    I got the same photo and note as everybody else today. I'm very pleased but will try again in a few months with my own 10x8.
    Took 3 weeks in the UK.
  5. Jay

    Jay New Recruit

    Got my request sent yesterday!
  6. Bounty CK

    Bounty CK Spy

    Today I got a surprise:)

    With more people got the B&W photo & items back unsigned,I expect I have the same result and wait.So when I opened the envelope,saw all Ewan cards signed.What a big surprise!!!I think I have more luck than anyone here.

    Back to 2000,the first time sent to Ewan with a Ep1 postcard.Then,it came back signed.Second time a few months ago,I sent 2 Ep2 trading cards,they all came back signed.Now the third time,I sent four Ep3 trading cards,again all back signed:)

    Although I'm not sure all Ewan autos are real or secretarial,I'm still happy with them:)

  7. RYAN-J


    DUDE! That's sooooo cool! I might write him a 3rd time and see what happens.

  8. Bounty CK

    Bounty CK Spy

  9. RYAN-J


    Well I'm getting ready to send out my 3RD Request! Let's hope it works!

  10. Jay

    Jay New Recruit

    I recieved my Ewan success! I sent 2 trading cards, letter and SASE. Recieved the card back unsigned but I did recieve the standard small b&w photo of Ewan signed. Not an expert on Ewan yet but I'm still happy!
  11. RYAN-J


    ONE..TWO..THREE Stikes I'm out! Got my 3rd letter back from Ewan McGregor today along with my Widevision cards UNSIGNED. the
    note stated that he is on a 3 1/2 month motor bike trip and regrets that he is unable to respond to my request.

    Letter & unsigned cards:

    Sent: May 1st 2007

    Replied: June 27th 2007

    Days taken 58

    Address used:

    Mr. Ewan McGregor
    PFD Drury House
    34-43 Russell Street.
    London Wc2b 5Ha

  12. Sevb30

    Sevb30 New Recruit

    His secretary must be on the trip too, because his TTM have significant differences with his in-persons. That's why I never have written to him, I believe from looking at a lot of in-persons that his TTM are secretarial.
  13. Bounty CK

    Bounty CK Spy

    Like I saide before,I got more luck than everyone here.Now it came through again.Today,I got items back all signed:eek:


    Although still not sure if they are real or not.I'm still very happy.Thank you so mych,Ewan:p
  14. Chewie

    Chewie The Mighty Wookiee

    On Saturday I got a reply from Mr. McGregor as well. He signed the 2 trading cards I sent and enclosed a standard b/w headshot as well. :D

    I tend to think that Ewan's through the mail autograph IS authentic, because I don't know why else there would be times when he doesn't sign the items you send and just encloses a headshot, and other times where you get notes saying that he is traveling. :cool:
  15. RYAN-J


    MAN! I would love to try him again, But I've already sent him three letters and all I got was the B/W photo. Oh well! :(

  16. Bounty CK

    Bounty CK Spy

    Just got items back from Ewan......all unsigned,no standard b/w photo :(

    Also with a short note said he is busy in filming and won't be back to UK this year.So save your time & money until next year;)
  17. Holla300

    Holla300 The Best Bounty

    Shame you got them back unsigned. He is a tuff one to get thats for sure.
  18. Chewie

    Chewie The Mighty Wookiee

    Haha wow you finally missed him, huh? I was wondering how many times you could get lucky and have sign your cards. :D
    I sent him one time in 2007 and got my 2 cards signed and a photo.
  19. Bounty CK

    Bounty CK Spy

    Yes,finally missed.Turn out 4 success,1 fail:D

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